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Star Citizen – Currently In Development

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0c is out and it looks like 3.11.1 has gone to Evocati… But we have seen a lot of what CI are working on for some of the Q4 patch, 3.12 AND beyond… this is a summary of Inside Star Citizen Sweet Child of Mine.

Sprint Report

They are giving various ships cockpits a lighting pass, trying to improve the look and reduce the resource cost. After this they are going to work on individual buttons and interactivity of cockpits and the look of different power states on the ship.

The 600i was a massive resource hog when it came to lighting, they’ve given it some love and reduced it’s lighting footprint by a factor of 10 while adding runtime probes for accurate dynamic lighting.

Weapons Concept have completed a sprint on a Preacher Taser like electron pistol.

Also they showed off the Curelife Med-Gun. This is a healing beam weapon for treating players and NPCs.

They are updating the Chaff effects as part of missile gameplay updates. They want to very much separate this look from Capital Ship & SpaceStation FLAK CANNON WEAPONS which they are also working on… I swear… if I can have even a 1/100th of a Battlestar Galaticita type fight I will be a happy boredgamer.

Fire Propagation has moved into a visual target testing phase. They are seeing what’s possible with the current tech and what needs to be improved/changed.

They are working on the Refinery Deck Interfaces that will be coming online with 3.12.

The teams have moved off Cargo Decks and onto Refineries. They are making sure these areas have an industrial feel and they’ve added soft body insulation around piping.

Derelicts are getting some visual improvements, making them look more like derelicts internally.

They have moved onto whiteboxing the locations for ship to ship docking and docking collars. You’ll see these near the Cargo Pods on the outside of Stations for example, but they need structures and space to support them. They don’t want to have these coming off the station’s edges as this will make the stations even more massive… they want you to be able to look out a window and see a lot going on ALSO they don’t want players to have to run for miles to get around a station. They are working out where to place them to meet that objective currently.

Cargo is getting expanded out with various new volatile/dangerous haulables.

These are a little different from Quantanium, with some having focused mechanics.

it sounds like some of them might just go BOOM it knocked hard.

Others will be time sensitive and have no value if you don’t get there in time.

There is also something they said was Quantum Sensitive… suggesting you might not want to QT… WHAT?! Or maybe they meant QT less… are we going to have haulers moving at standard speeds to deliver an item… with 30ks that sounds maddening.

New UI Tools have allowed CI the time and ability to get things like the Mining UI in a better place to convey more information on the mechanics, this is coming in Alpha 3.12

The new UI shows the mineables in your cargo and the breakdown of that cargo in realtime.

Active Modules / Consumables along with activation timers.

And a streamlined HUD with your laser intensity, charge level, composition of asteroid/rock etc… all being around the centre of the screen.

Also you have a good amount of your Flight information in the mining screen now.

Thrust, Velocity, Max Speed, G-Forces and you Flight Modes.

This is insanely useful.

One of the major improvements here is readability at a glance. They say it’s better for brightness as well… whether thats a dynamic brightness thing OR just placement they are talking about tho remains to be seen.

You’ll also be able to see any volatile ores like Quantainum Clearly marked (in red) on the minables scan results as well as in your cargo bay, when in your bay it will also display a critical timer and current stability of the volatile substances.

The stability of volatiles like this falls over time and when you take bumps… be careful.

Jettisoning Cargo will also now give you feedback in the cargo manifest section on the HUD.

The are working on new Manufacturer themed ship HUDs (which we will start to see next week).

And that’s it for Inside Star Citizen. I am very much looking forward to those changes expect to see some information coming out on the IAE in the next couple of weeks AND as soon as I can share anything from the 3.11.1 build I will.