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Star Citizen TLDR – 3.12 Roadmap Changes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we have had some big-ish changes on the Roadmap for 3.12 and also we have a summary of the other Various SC news and shows that we had this week ending the 25th of October 2020.

Star Citizen 3.11.1 is out to the Evocati and in Testing. Will we get the MSR in 3.11.1 LIVE? When will 3.11.1 go out to Wider PTU? As soon as I know I’ll put it in a video.

3.12 Roadmap Updates

We have seen some features get expanded, slip or get added to Alpha 3.12 for the end of the year. They have added.

  • Behring A03 Sniper Rifle & Behring FS-9 LMG
  • Vehicle Entry Identification | This feature adds dynamic markers when in close proximity to your vehicle to aid in entry. These contextually change depending on whether the vehicle is landed or in space to only show valid entry methods.

There have been some changes:

Grin Multi-tool Tractor Beam Attachment (Multi-Tool Tractor Beam – T0)

The Tractor Beam is a device that allows the control (movement) of an object without the need for an actor or other entity to be in physical contact. The first implementation of this feature will primarily be used for quickly and remotely moving cargo and miscellaneous material in space. It’s still coming in 3.12 they just wanted to describe what we were getting in 3.12… 

This is true of Server to Client Actor Networking Rework as well CI said:

As we’ve made progress towards improving the server to client actor networking, we’ve realized that this isn’t a task-set we’ll be considering “complete” like we do with other cards currently on the roadmap. More specifically, this is a task-set that we want to iterate on every release, continually refining our synchronization handling, and for this to be something that can and will be improving with each patch. We began this process of iteration with improvements in 3.9.1, and continued in 3.11, replacing a static latency buffer with a dynamic buffer. Meaning, the better your connection and frame rate is, the more up-to-date other players and NPCs positions and actions will appear. Ultimately, our focus is on making the player experience better and more stable, which means iterations on this alongside development rather than all at once.

What they are saying is that they are making updates to the networking and server portion of there game every patch and will continue to do so… this isn’t a magic solve everything feature that can just be deployed.

There were some features delayed to what is assumed to be 3.13 or Q1 2021:

Object Push and Pull – The turnaround between 3.11 and 3.12 was too tight for us to get the feature in a spot where we’re happy with it. We need more time to get it right, and because of this, we’ve moved this card to allow for more time to finish their side of the feature.

Death Animation Improvements will return to the roadmap in the future, they are focused on Force Reactions (we know they are working on staggers for that currently)

Ship AI: Hazard Awareness and Avoidance will not be complete by the 3.12 branch date. Again it will return in the future.

Mystery Armor

The Character team splits time between work on SQ42 and work on the PU, and in this case, work needed for a piece on Squadron took priority and required us to pull multiple artists to support it. Because of this shift, and factoring in the complicated nature of this armor (cloth simulation and rigging, animations), and the fact that we’re waiting on upcoming back-end tech, it would be cutting it too close to branch day to confidently include this card in Alpha 3.12. It has been removed from the roadmap for the time being, with the intention of including it in the Alpha 3.13 column when it is added. This card has been designated as “Mystery Armor” because the character team is excited to surprise you with a popular armor-set that you’ve actually already seen concepts of… While we’re also looking forward to this new set, we want to dispel the rumor that this is the Titan Suit. Not yet folks.

The delays there are not that devastating… tho Push Pull is probably the biggest loss there as I was hoping to see lots of cargo improvements and maybe even derpy boarding in 3.12 but that seems less likely now.


We had a Sneak Peek at some handcuffs that might be used by BHs & Security in the future.

Inside Star Citizen

Showed off the new Mining UI we are getting, it contains a lot more useful information while also streamlining it’s use of screen real estate. You can see your flight information, cargo make up and even if a mineable has volatile materials in. They are also working on more general Manufacturer specific HUDs for ships too.

CI are improving Lighting across their ships and cockpits. They are working on a Preacher Taser Pistol and Curelife MedGun. Chaff Effects are getting updated to look different from FlakGuns that will be on Stations and Capital Ships in the future.

Refineries & Derelitics Received work and visual updated.

Ship to Ship Docking continues to progress with them now whiteboxing them in game and choosing where they will be on stations.

There are 3 new major volatile cargo types coming too.

Ones that could explode or get damaged when you take hits or bumps.

Another that is time sensitive AND the last is Quantum Sensitive…

In Star Citizen Live there was a Game Dev with Concept Artist Jlee where he concepted out a Space Cowboy… very cool if you are into the concept process.
It is the Last Chance to Cast Your Vote! For Imperator, there are 5 candidates and the winner will change Star Citizen Lore moving forward.