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Star Citizen IAE Dates & Ship Resource System

Star Citizen we’ve got some information on the IAE dates, Updates to ship HUDs and we learn a bit about the new “ship” resource system.

CI confirmed the Star Citizen IAE Dates Between November 20 and December 2, that’s 13 days, with different manufacturers taking over the expo halls each day. The Expo will be at New Babbage on microTech.

Along with taking in the sights, IAE is your chance to test-fly the hottest ships in the ‘verse, as every vehicle on the expo floor is available to try for free that day. Check back each day to see all the classics, the latest innovations, and maybe even a sneak-peek at what’s coming next.

They have the IAE Page up now which will have more of the schedule added soon BUT currently has a little “Teaser” of what I believe is the RSI Gunship on the left and right and the Nomad in the middle probably.

From Inside Star Citizen: Interface Showcase

We saw some of the updates coming to the new ship UIs, these will be themed for each ship manufacturer. This isn’t just your central HUD but also the Multi-Function displays around the ship. There is a lot of information that is conveyed and they have cleaned and tidied it up.

You should know what symbols & numbers mean (for the most part) at a glance.

They have flight info on the left and mode specific stuff on the right.

There is a relative radar altimeter added as well, taking into account where the ground is to you.

There are notifications colored by importance in the top centre of the HUD too.

Below that an emissions gage showing signature relative to the environment.

Below that They have added a compass, which is relative to a planet/moon if you are in atmosphere OR the galactic plane if you are in space.

Then there is all the flight information that you have come to know and love.

As well as the addition of velocity widgets towards the bottom of the screen, showing the direction you are moving. 

There is even modes and countermeasure status shown here…

This is a ridiculous amount of info available without changing screen.

The 3d layering of the system looks awesome & these updates imo look like they will put the ships UIs in a near final state, tho they will tweak things and this is just the Aegis HUD currently and it’s not finished… but expect Anvil to probably be next as it’s probably linked to SQ42s needs and they should be able to do each hud quicker than the last.

The other thing here is that this HUD looks very VR ready… It’s going to be a long time before we get VR in star citizen… and my Valve Index gather’s more dust by the day… but I can dream.

They have been prototyping ship (and general component) resource management. This is basically the original pipe system evolved. This system will tie directly into the physicalized components and physical damage systems. 

They showed what appeared to be a hammerhead concepted layout.

All ships systems are connected and feed into each other. 

The Power Plant needs fuel from the fuel tank to then power the rest of the ship components. There are battery components that will drain when the PP is offline to help keep a ship or vehicle going AND charge when the power plant is on and there is excess power.

Lights, weapons, thrusters, shields cooling, CPU and potentially even gravity gen/life support will all consume power.

They are relays between systems in a ship that if broken can prevent resources moving between components. They also consume power, the less you have the more efficient BUT potentially the more vulnerable you are to damage.

Mechanics / Engineers will be running around repairing relays and components to bring systems back online.

This will also have ships targeting areas of another ship to take their systems down in the most effective way OR a saboteur blowing up certain areas and crippling a ship.

Conversely you will have the ability to turn all these systems and relays on and off… so you might choose to be very power efficient and have lots of the relays off OR when you take a hit turn more on to keep the power flowing.

Items will have Priorities in which get well, prioritised for power so unless you force it otherwise your lights aren’t going to be as high in the priority list as your life support.