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Star Citizen Leaks – RSI Gunship & Nomad

There have been rumors about a couple of ships coming out either as flyable or on concept at the Star Citizen IAE (Intergalatic Aerospace Expo) at the end of November.

These are the RSI Gunboat (previously known as the Odin) and the Consolidated Outland Nomad.

I wanted to talk about the rumors of those ships, what we’ve heard about them…. Most of the information that’s come out about these 2 ships is from Star Citizen Leaks and although they are mostly pretty good with their info, you should take everything as rumor and a pile of salt ALSO things change over development!

The RSI Gunboat was originally talked about in June by SC Leaks.

It was at that time thought to be called the Odin BUT that appears to have potentially changed… we don’t have the “new” name if it has one.

The ship appears to be a combat focused corvette.

They showed off a 3d model of what they believed the ship to approximately look like at the time, this model was based on the leaks and info they had seen at the time… and I would personally expect major changes/differences EVEN if it was reasonably accurate at the time.

It was thought to be around the same size if not slightly bigger than the hammerhead being between 120-150m.

The ship is expected to have large caliber weapons that will be good against larger ships. And one of it’s more unique features is that it looks to have broadsides that are protected by large armored flaps.

There are 2 big turrets on the top of the ship too BUT the underside is still a mystery.

Even greater speculation by myself but I would like to see beam weapons employed here… the original name the Odin kind of feels to me like it was big beam-y energy…

Maybe…? Actually I just think I love the idea of beam weapons.

If it’s anything like what we said then expect it to be $700-900 and to probably be in a similar group to the Hammerhead and Polaris.

We know that there is something from RSI coming at the IAE as there was a teaser in a concierge/chairman’s club newsletter. So it’s likely this… though I would expect it to be a concept sale, I can’t really imagine they would have a large ship like this flight ready yet.

Let’s move onto the CONU Nomad, this has recently been talked about by the SC Leaks with apparently their sources giving them info recently.

There were a lot of guesses at what the ship was, a small base builder, salvager, new starter ship and more.

There is actually very little known about this yet. It’s rumoured it’s going to be sold at the IAE and be in some packages a Mobile Chop Shop pack, Independent Haulers pack and as a starter pack.

I think that it’s likely that this is the Mobile Refinery Ship that we have been expecting since last year’s CitizenCon. Giving you the ability to refine mined ore and materials. Could it have some other function and variants… that’s very possible, maybe it can refine gas or quantainium, it potentially could have some salvage, syphoning OR tractor beam type functionality too imo.

It’s interesting that it might be available as a starter package (I suppose with a game package might be more accurate)… that suggests to me that it could do it’s functions without working with another ship… maybe??? And I would expect it to be a single seater ship probably. I’d also expect the ship to be sub $100 especially if it’s going to be sold with a gamepackage

I do very much expect to see both of these ships on sale during the IAE.

The Mobile Refinery could very well be flyable as well OR maybe coming in 3.12 where there are going to be refinery mechanics.