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Star Citizen Inside Star Citizen Summary – Crab?!

Welcome to a quick summary of the news from ISC looking at radar, refineries, bases/homesteads and a big info dump of work going into making the game more interactive with power, doors, light, puzzles and how that effects the way you might play.

Sprint Report

The Talon is looking very cool, they are adding iridescent paint to the ship and they will be making the ship look better for 3.12.

They are pushing forward with radar and scanning updates with the “radar object collection sub-system” The idea of this system is to allow you to filter and find things more easily.

From mineables, to specific signatures to IR or EM, ships or whatever you set the filters to ignore.

Refinery Facilities and more updates to stations, their exteriors and even the space around them with Gas Clouds are all getting work. They are dialling in how they want these stations to feel, how many asteroids should be nearby that sort of thing. Next week they are going to give us details of refining gameplay.

Colonial style homesteads are continuing to receive work and seem to be a strong priority atm. They are physically concepting these in game now in a very rough state on planets. They are not ready to be made into viable in game assets yet… they are very much evolving their look and general feel. These sort of areas may form NPC hubs OR frontier towns OR be buildings that players can build to make their own bases.

Inside Star Citizen: Interaction in Action

Star Citizen will have a lot of interactivity whether that be from picking up objects, replacing parts in a ships systems, replacing the whole system, solving puzzles, moving cargo and more… it ranges from placing flair items to express yourself to repairing a ship system that causes you to win an encounter rather than be destroyed!

They have giant “zoos” as playgrounds for testing and iteration of features.

They showed off replaceable destructible lights.

A Pressurization system for airlocks.

The make it very clear that doors are super important to get right and them not acting correctly breaks immersion. They can set doors to be manual or on a sensor. Some doors might require power to auto open or even open easily with a button as their panel will now be off… otherwise you’ll have to manually open them somehow.

They’ve built a wedge kit that pries doors open. They are testing doors with locks that you can wield open OR potentially lockpick or blow up.

Alarms for opening a door may go off, based on how you opened it.

They are looking at systems for disabling and interrupting alarms too.

They want all of this to tie into subversion and stealth gameplay.

They also want to have mini-games or at least some gameplay there that will have players thinking about having to disable systems, alarms and do missions more quietly.

They even show the destruction of a little gravity generator that then turns off gravity in that area!

And that’s it for this week’s ISC.. But what do you think? Do you think there will be a lot of gadgets and ways to do missions and tasks… do you think that there may be situations where we are entirely trapped on our ship without the correct item to progress?

Are you looking forward to bases even tho they are extremely early in development?

Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

People are saying that they saw the Pyro Crab but this could also be a tent or a rock.