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Star Citizen TLDR – IAE 2950 Schedule – Anniversary Ship Sale

We have a Schedule for the Star Citizen IAE 2950 as well as a quick TLDR at the week’s star citizen news and roadmap updates for the weekending the 8th November 2020. 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1 is in it’s PTU 1st Wave but has yet to have the MSR in it… this is the Prep Patch for the IAE other wise known as the Anniversary Ship Sale.

We had a IAE 2950 Teaser video that had Jax Macleary (Space Jeremy Clarkson) introduce the IAE venue and give a few sneaks, we saw the external expo area, F8 lightning Heavy Fighter again and there are hints at some cool stuff… well it is microTech… cool… it’s like an ice planet… Jax will be doing some little hype videos during the expo period!

We have also had the IAE Schedule the IAE runs from November 20th – Dec 2nd.

There is a Free Fly Event FOR EVERYONE with over 100+ Ships to fly with the expo being at Tobin Expo Centre, New Babbage on microTech and accessible via the Tram System there.

The Expo itself has 2 main floors the Apex Hall and Zenith Hall which are accessible by elevators (if you are coming from the tram station) There are also a couple of little holo suite areas (accessible via the stairs) where you can see some ships in the works.

A single or series of manufacturers will be highlighted every day at the expo, and you’ll be able to try those ships and vehicles they have on display during those days as well as purchase them from the RSI Website.

The 2 halls allow the ship manufacturers to each be there for at least 48 hours and then the new manufacturer pushes out the oldest set.

Starting the Expo 20-21 Nov is Argo, GreyCat and CNOU

21-22 Nov – Aegis Dynamics

22-23 Nov – Anvil Aerospace

23-24 Nov – Crusader, Tumbril & Kruger

24-25 Nov – Misc

25-26 Nov – Drake

26-27 Nov – Alien Ships

27-28 Nov – Origin

28-29 Nov – RSI

Nov 29 – Dec 02 – Best in Show, Weapons & Armor Day and Ship Rentals?

We do know there is something planned from RSI & CNOU for the expo too, probably the RSI Gunship & Nomad for CNOU that people have been rumoring BUT exactly what we will see from Weapons and Armor Day and anything extra at the end of expo remains to be seen. The Best in show stuff should be some skins for the ships that were voted most popular in the ship showdown tho.

In the Newsletter – Glory to the Victors

The Sneak Peek this week was of the Hercules C2… I am very much looking forward to the Starlifter when it finally comes out! And I would expect to see it on the holograms at the expo too.


Moving away from the Expo There have been even more Roadmap Updates for 3.12

There is a new Feature here Landing Services Update – Ordnance Replenishment

They have now hooked up key ordnance on ships in the Rest Stop functionality to run through the shop service (Missiles/Chaffs/Flares), allowing for proper pricing differentials between items when restocking your ships. This will also require some re-balancing for current insurance and item prices. This is a major step forward towards getting a fully dynamic set of prices for the landing service functionality.

Before this change, ordnance like missiles, chaffs, and flares had the same price across the ‘Verse. For example, all missiles regardless of size were costing you 100aUEC. With this functionality, ordnance prices will take a step to a realistic pricing model driven by the PU shop service. Insurance prices will be adjusted along with this, as we don’t want to incentivize players to simply self-destruct & reclaim their ships to restock a loadout. Yes, restocking your ship will cost more, but this will be one step towards the economic model they want for Star Citizen. This is actually a feature I have wanted for a long while… and it help further balance missiles as well as having reasons to spend your money which helps stimulate the economy!

They tweaked the descriptions of a couple of the New Capital Ship (Security Forces Navy Idris) Features coming with 3.12. They are making them look pretty while in combat and function appropriately, spawning for high crime stat players or combined groups.

They’ve added some pictures of the Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle & Behring FS-9 LMG on the Roadmap.

The Weapon Zeroing Feature has moved into Polishing.

Star Citizen Live: Vehicle Experience Q&A

The Vehicle Features Team have been working a lot of Ship Balance, Combat with Missiles and Countermeasures, Cockpits & MFDs. They are now working on Capacitors for Shields, Weapons and Engines, this with the fixed weapon assist should allow for some more fun and interesting dog fighting. They have this huge amount of stats and data which they use to help work out what they need to change.

It sounds like ships will have more spongy landings in the future so they will be able to land on not PERFECTLY flat surfaces more easily.

We might see a landing cam or readout in the future again.

They talked about EMPs maybe stopping self destructs.

There are going to be updates to atmospheric flight with control surfaces.

It sounds like we will see racing returning once these are implemented. 

Big Balance will come as more systems and features come online.

This week’s inside Star Citizen covered a lot of stuff in the sprint report 

we saw the talon with it’s iridescent effect, radars are getting a filtering system, refineries & space stations with Gas clouds being put together and looked at to balance their look and feel, homesteads are getting further in their prototyping.

They also talked about many forms of interacting with the verse, allow you to open doors, solve puzzles, have various functional gadgets, there is going to be a lot 

The Monthly Reports also came out, I have a breakdown of that which I’ll link you down below as there is quite a bit there.

And that’s it for today’s Star Citizen TLDR and IAE Schedule Updates. 

Are you looking forward to the IAE and trying out a load of the ships? Do you expect there will be more to the event than the Expo Hall, Free Fly and some new ships?

With the 3.12 patch at the end of the year are you expecting any more features to slip, are you looking forward to battling a more functional Idris?

Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!