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Star Citizen Leaks – What Is The Perseus, What Monsters Will It Slay?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I wanted to do a summary of some Star Citizen Leaks, talking even more about the Nomad, RSI Gunship, some other little leaks and some… well less grounded leaks coming from the Chinese Community as well.

There is a lot of speculation about the Nomad which is the expected ship from CNOU that is rumored to be straight to flyable potentially for the start of the 2950 IAE on the 20th November where it should be at the very least unveiled.

There are a few possibilities of what the ship might be.

The most likely in my opinion is that it is a mobile refinery ship that was originally talked about at CitizenCon 2019.

SCLeaks had previously suggested it could also potentially be a fighter.

One of the suggestions on InfoRunners was that it was a mini-BMM type hauler and or small shop.

I had speculated at one point that it could be a mini-base building ship even.

If it is a refinery ship then I still think it could have some more functionality OR Tractor Beams for utility as well. They are fleshing out Refining Mechanics with Alpha 3.12 so it kind of makes sense. Also could this be a refinery for mineables and gas? Could it also syphon gas and liquids? These are all possibilities too… tho some of those ideas could step on the toes of what the Starfarer is supposed to be.

There were hints in a data leak that there was a skin for the Nomad called the “Black Widow”

Interestingly the Black Widow is also the name of a currently in lore Heavy Fighter that RSI made to compete against the F8A lighting which the latter ship came out on top winning a military contract with the UEE. We know that something from RSI is also coming with the IAE probably later on the 28th of November on the RSI day of the Anniversary.

However rather than the Black Widow Heavy Fighter it’s acutally likely to be the RSI Gunship that’s been rumored, originally being referred to as the Odin but is apparently called the Perseus.

In Greek mythology, Perseus is one of the greatest Greek heroes and slayer of monsters. He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa as one of one of his many accolades.

From what we have seen leaked and talked about the ship it’s probably anti-large and capital ship type ship with large conventional OR potentially I am hoping Beam Weapons.

How does Perseus relate to it’s function… maybe it’s a Monster Slayer… monsters being Capital Ships…

Also the InfoRunners Podcast also talked about these recently.

There were also some data mines of some interesting bits suggesting that NPCs might be smoking, and there could be toilet & bathroom use animations of some kind too.

There were Some more questionable leaks from what appears to be the Chinese sc community. I’ll give you a quick summary of these BUT take them with both a heap of salt, some lost in translation as the original info was from a chinese stream… and I can’t verify any of it, some is old info tied with some plausible bits… others are a bit far fetched.

A large scale event and mission chain with various endings is potentially coming by the end of the year. Players can join the Civil Defense Force to help the Advocacy protect the Stanton System from large scale incursions/fleet battles. If true this is assumedly the Xeno-Threat set of missions that we have talked about before with a UEE Navy from Fleet Week type fleet moving from planet to planet but them being this Criminal Group Xeno-Threat. The leaker has even suggested this event is Squadron 42 Quality… whatever that means. However I do expect something similar to this at some point whether it’s at the end of the year or later next year… it makes sense they are going to want to start solidifying Pyro as a location in Lore before starting to bring it into game and as Xeno-Threat hail from there it sort of makes sense.

It looks like CI are in the process of looking at supporting wider Language Localization however the “leaker” didn’t know if SC/SQ42 would have Chinese language options for release and he wants to push more foreign language options ASAP.

Something else that was suggested was Pyro is mostly completed already as they had made a version that didn’t require server meshing BUT it didn’t have all of the POI, environments and tech they wanted quite yet at this stage. Waiting for Server Meshing allows them to support this and more features so that’s what they decided on.

There is a big focus on multiplayer and multi-crew gameplay for the First 2 Quarters of 2021.

The spreading & putting out fires, damage control, medical gameplay, they further talk about MedPens and OxyPens being the ammo for the medgun that CI are building.

You’ll get points for healing other players in Theatres of War.

The Updates to Cockpits and the physicalized button rework is also being made with VR in mind for the future.

With SQ42 they said they are doing internal tests and polishing squadron 42. They suggested that Squadron 42 is actually potentially almost ready for release and in a similar state to that of CyberPunk 2077. Tho we know that CI have said that SQ42 would not be beta ready in 2020…

But as I said take those “leaks” with a bit more salt AND all leaks with salt anyway.