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This Week In Star Citizen – Mercury Star Runner SOON – Farewell Molly

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, what’s happening This Week In Star Citizen, a new PTU patch, the end of an era as Molly Leaves CIG.

There is a subscriber update this wednesday, so we may see the new Nerf Gun Flair in game by the weekend.

Inside Star Citizen this week will be looking at Refinery Gameplay as well as Weapon Zeroing that are both coming with Alpha 3.12.

Star Citizen Live is apparently a Pico Prop GameDev thats at 4pm UTC on Friday.

Next Friday the 20th tho is the Start of the IAE 2950. That is much hype and potentially the biggest event of the year… competing against Fleet Week from May.

CIG have also said – “Touching on the space-elephant in the room, the Mercury Star Runner is in its final stages of internal polishing and is almost ready for you to take it for a spin on the PTU! Keep an eye out for more news on that front very soon.” 

Towards that we do have a new PTU patch with some additional minor updates to the 3.11.1 PTU.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1d PTU

Feature Updates

  • Increased glow amount for the FPS mining HUD to increase visibility on bright backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to access services to customize ships, equipment or access character customizer.
  • PIT wheel should no longer become unusable while flying a ship.
  • Ballista should no longer shake and break the door After Opening the Side Door when Spawned at a Levski Garage.
  • Ship Weapon should no longer become muffled / silenced when the Players Ship is above the Level Art in the center of Arena Commander maps.
  • Fixed a Client & a Server crash

Also in a spectrum thread we learnt there were some other issues with YogiKlatt Saying:

“The explosion damage of all S5+ missiles is wrong in 3.11.1 ETF/PTU. The changes happened about a month ago and we didn’t pick up on them up as we had a lot of parallel balancing tasks happening in multiple streams at the same time. Anyways, we’ll fix the data up tomorrow so it will definitely be corrected before 3.11.1 goes live. 

It proves once again why the ETF and PTU processes are important, so thanks for staying on top of this!”

And don’t worry they said they will be checking all missiles!

Molly, one of the associate Community Managers, is Leaving CIG.

It’s worth mentioning as she was very good and active at her job.

Posting up things like the Roadmap Round Ups, This Week in Star Citizen and various Spectrum Posts like the AMAs. She was also one of my points of contact with CI with their latest patch releases.

After posting the last This Week In Star Citizen on Monday Molly Said:

“Hey, everyone. More of a personal note here, but I wanted to let you know that next Tuesday is going to be my last day at CIG. I’m leaving to pursue another opportunity, but I wanted to say I’ve had a wonderful time being your community manager. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this community is something really special. I know present circumstances have been keeping us from them lately, but the absolute highlight of my time has been meeting you all at every event and Bar Citizen. No matter the size of the group, the country we’re in, or the language we’re speaking, you can always expect to be treated like family at any event run by the SC community. The wonderful group of devs here at CIG have so many incredible things in store for you all, and I can’t wait to see what you think of everything to come. <3

We’ll have a job posting up later this week to kick off the search for a new community manager, and I’d encourage anyone who thinks they’re up for it to apply and take my job! It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Until next time, friends, I’ll see you in the ‘verse <3”

Various CI Employees went onto leave edits on the post for Molly and the Community to see.

*Zyloh’s edit: Molly, you made an immediate impact on our team by brainstorming new and fun ways to communicate with our extended family (the community) through initiatives like Traveler’s Guide, Spectrum AMAs, the Patch Watch, Weekly Wisdom, and many more. When your dream opportunity comes a-knocking you have to take it, but know that we’re going to miss the hell out of you. We wish you luck on your next adventure, and we’ll save a seat for you at the next CitizenCon.

*Christian aka Wayne-CIG’s edit: It was a great pleasure to work with you! With your contagious sense of humor and creativity, you took the ‘Verse and our hearts by storm. I wish you all the best on what’s next! It didn’t take long before you became not only a colleague, but a friend, and you are always invited to ride shotgun in my ship.

*Ulf’s edit: It has been awesome having you as part of our team and we miss you already! I expect that you will print, frame, and hang this picture in wherever your next office will be. And yes, we’ll see you at CitizenCon!

Molly went on to say on various threads – “y’all are seriously such a wonderful community to work with.”

She will be missed by me and a big section of the community as she was imo very good at her job. Hopefully whoever they get in next is good too! Zin was also unhappy as zin’s first audio she did for me was reading out one of Molly’s posts!