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Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner 2.0

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, with even more on the Mercury Star Runner, information on 3.12 with Refining, a new 3.11.1e PTU Patch and more.

We recently looked at the MSR which is available in the latest PTU patch to I think just evocati currently… expect more people to get access to the ship over the next few days BUT there were a slew of questions that come from that video that I’ll address some of here, while looking at the ship again.

The MSR currently has 114 Cargo some of which is in a little hidey smuggling hole.

And it can fit pretty much any vehicle thats currently in game in it’s cargo area… from Dragonflies to ROCs to even the Ursa Rover!

The ship is Approximately 55mx50mx20m

I think the ship handles pretty well BUT it’s engines can overheat very quickly.

It has a range of medium size 2 components with solid redundancy

2x Coolers, 2x Power, 2x Shield Generators.

The Scanning / Data Array is not fully functional yet, nor are the data servers.

The ship will have gameplay associated with datarunning.

I’d almost describe it as a Cutlass Black, Herald and Terapin all being merged together.

The Max speed of the ship is 1287m/s with a Safe SCM – 215m/s

There is currently 3600 quantum fuel as standard

Technically the MSRs Nose Weapon Mount is a S5… tho it’s integrated at moment at least so it has to have 2xS3 Weapons.

The ship is set up with new lighting and door panels that give you a load more functionality.

There are vents which you can open up and as I said in the last video to open the chessboard one put the white queen on the coaster by the food prep area… 

Don’t lose that queen! However expect a security and permissions system to give a lot more functionality to this in the future.

Also Playing Chess… that is kind of doable now… Tho a little janky!

Inside Star Citizen: Air of Refinement

Refinery Facilities in 3.12 start to tie mining gameplay and those resources to the rest of the game, crafting, cargo and the economy.

You go out and mine and have choices in what you fill your mining bay with.

Some of these materials can be refined into very valuable goods and sell for much more than the “raw” materials.

At a refinery station you can select individual ores in your ship to be refined as part of a job or order and the refining method you want to use. 

There is then a time and price associated with that mining job.

Jobs can take several mins or hours based on the amount of materials and method used.

You will get a notification come up when your job is completed too.

You can cancel a job early if you want to as well.

Different Stations may have specialist facilities or proficiencies that allow for better yields from certain types of ore… like more quantanium from the raw ore.

Conversely they may be worse at processing Gold Ore.. so be aware!

If a refinery is being very actively used by many players… well they will charge extra for their services… supply and demand baby. Tho they aren’t putting a hard capacity restriction on it beyond that.

Weapon Zeroing will allow you to adjust your sights / scope for longer ranges to account for bullet drop etc…

Star Citizen has a huge range of environments that would then have players adjusting their zeroing to account for.

There are 3 types of scope for 3.12 that have zeroing.

A basic type, where you just set the range the enemy is from you. 

The next has that functionality but also a range finder.

There is also a more automated scope too that can set the zeroing to what you have targeted.

As I said earlier there is a new PTU patch Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1e let’s quickly go over it’s patch notes.

  • Lighting and visual polish pass on Expo halls and exterior lobby.
  • Added extra signage around New Babbage to make it clearer where the IAE event is and guide the player there.
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing Missiles and Torpedoes to do well below intended damage.
  • Ships landed at Lorville & New Babbage should now be able to be stored.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Ballista Spawned at a Levski Garage to noticeably shake after opening the door and cause it to longer open and close.
  • Item previews in shop kiosks should no longer appear dark/black or not display correctly.
  • The red skin accents and rose tinted canopy should no longer be missing from the Expedition Carrack.
  • Ships spawned in missions should now always spawn with weapons and fire at the player.
  • There should no longer be missing visarea issues with the Banu Defender when looking into the open entrance from a distance.
  • There should no longer be Vis Area issues with the interior of the RSI Mantis when standing in the arch behind the Pilot Seat.
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to sometimes fall through planet surfaces if logging back in from Ship bed.
  • Fixed 6 Client crashes
  • Fixed 2 Server crash
  • Fixed a server deadlock
  • Fixed a backend service crash

They are really trying to get 3.11.1 in a very good place for the IAE starting next friday 20th November but currently I am blinded by how much I like the MSR. It’s just because it’s got a load of the latest updates already in it and is a great sign of things to come for most ships!

I am wondering what people think of the Constellations and Carrack now? I still suspect the Carrack will retain a lot of love as it’s still exploration king and larger than the MSR… but could it take it’s top spot as most popular flyable ship in game I wonder?

That said when the Carrack gets the same updates with lighting and door panels and it’s functionality… who knows.