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Star Citzien 3.11.1 – Test The 2950 IAE & Mercury Star Runner?!

Star Citizen TLDR News looking at 3.11.1 on wider PTU, the MSR and your chance to test one and see the IAE Halls Early, Alpha 3.12 Updates with the Reputation System and Refining. 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1 is now gone to wider PTU with more people being able to test out the changes and see the entryway to the expo hall at New Babbage, and a few people also currently having access to the Mercury Star Runner which is now by far my favorite ship that CI have produced, more people will be able to get access to the Expo Halls and MSR for testing over the weekend tho.

And they are doing Some Focused Tests where the halls will be open Saturday & Sunday from 17:00 UTC to 21:30 UTC. And between 19:15 to 20:45 UTC on Saturday you can rent the MSR from the hall to test as well. I’ll put the link to that schedule downbelow for your convenience!

There are a couple of additional MSR Runner Secret Panels that I discovered since my last couple of videos on the ship.

There is one in the Cargo Bay that opens on the right of the ramp as you come in, this allows you to open the “Secret Area” with 6 SCU of hidden storage AND access to the Vents.

And the Engineering room on the Back Right Wall there is another hidden panel which opens the door to the Vents as well.

There are some more Additions to Alpha 3.12 Roadmap Roundup

Stanton System Planetary Improvements adding a more detailed global painting pass with consideration to global climate data. They are also refining how object presets are set up, to get a more natural and believable read, as well as introducing some new assets to the biome packs. Moreover they are updating the remaining geology assets to the organic shader to utilize the latest features. They plan to showcase the new improvements for this release on the planets Hurston & microTech, as well as on the moons Yela, Cellin, Daymar, Wala and Lyria.

We also have Reputation V1 –  TheReputation/Org Service appearing in 3.12 now.

This system will introduce the first iteration of persistent reputation between all entities within the Star Citizen universe, as well as persistent NPC Organizations.

For this initial release all key mission givers (except Ruto for now due to current technical constraints), will have the ability to change their responses due to the player’s mission performance. This is not only applicable to a general “positive” or “negative” greeting or farewell, but has also been extended to varying degrees of “mission completion” streaks.

This means that if the player completes or fails multiple missions in a row, the mission givers will comment accordingly. If the player fails the mission giver’s missions enough, this can even result in their temporary refusal to offer you additional missions for a period of time.

Additionally, mission threads that have varying degrees of difficulty have been converted over to use the new system to unlock the next tier of missions. Because this is now service driven, all of this reputation is persistent and can be preserved between releases.

Something else for 3.12 was talked about in Inside SC with Refining.

Stations can have refinery services that allow you to take mined goods in a ship and then choose a refining method to have those goods converted into more valuable goods. This has a cost and a time associated with it and later it was also confirmed that Refining Jobs continue while you are offline and you are also “safe” from 30ks… if you do get disconnected or switch servers your refining job will be there for you still.

Different stations have different proficiencies so you will get better yield of gold at one but less quantainium and vice versa.

With Weapon Zeroing in 3.12 we are going to see 3 scope types that make use of zeroing.

One where you can set the range manually, one that adds a range finder to that and another that automate the zeroing to where you are pointing at the touch of a button.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1f is the current PTU Patch which has a few bug fixes along with opening up the PTU to more players.

  • When exiting the Carrack port and starboard turrets the player should no longer get stuck behind the turrets or fall through the floor and take damage.
  • AR trajectory when throwing grenades should no longer be missing.
  • Fixed an issue causing FPS weapon fire to be culled when a lot of people are firing FPS weapons at the same time and causing important FPS weapon impacts such as grenades to be immediately culled.
  • Fixed multiple Mercury Star Runner LOD and VisArea issues in the cockpit.
  • Smoke in Star Runner Cargo Hold and Server Room should no longer shrink and grow unnaturally when walking through it.
  • Player should no longer be able to see through the Mercury Star Runner’s art behind the back of the elevator within the cargo bay.
  • Fixed 1 Client crash
  • Fixed a backend service crash

.IAE: Plan Your Trip Now!

The IAE starts next Friday the 20th of November and expect a lot of awesome!

We will be covering that event daily, there are new ships, a free fly for anyone to try star citizen, ships to rent freely too at the expo and much more to see!

This week’s sneak peek was of a Bearing FPS Weapon which I assume is the FS-9 LMG.

We did have a SC Live where they made a pico-wilson-castaway type prop too… it showed some of the techniques they use for building small high quality props and assets.

And that’s it for this week I am much excite for the IAE but also 3.12 as well now, they seemed to have added some more flesh on it’s bones with the Idris Security Force and Reputation along with various other bits over the last few weeks… I wonder if anything more will turn up?