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Star Citizen’s 2020 Ship Sale Anniversary Start This Week!

Star Citizen with a quick schedule of what is planned this week from Star Citizen, Updates on where the New Roadmaps are, More on the MSR AND a new PTU Patch 3.11.1g which we will be looking at patch notes for. 

This week is building up towards the IAE starting Friday.

We are going to be getting a Aerospace Expo (IAE) Free Fly Schedule later today (Wednesday)

On Thursday ISC takes a look at IAE’s latest home on microTech and details one of the event’s exclusive announcements…

On Friday at 5pm UTC there is Star Citizen Live with a Q&A with members of Star Citizen’s AI Team talking about subjects from AI Combat to Vendors to NPC Crew. They are looking for questions for that show still too.

Also on Friday there is the start of the IAE, Freefly and whatever else is going on with the event… expect the new Nomad from CNOU to go on sale and maybe be flyable on Friday too… maybe…

Each day thereafter until the 2nd of December there will be a new manufacturer at the Tobin Expo Hall on New Babbage. 

In Regards to the New Roadmaps we are keenly waiting on: 

Zyloh reiterated that CIGs goal is still to release their newly formatted roadmap before holiday break. Going onto say That’s what we’re working towards at the moment! We should also have an update with a short video clip to show how it functions in action soon.

So that should be before on around the middle of December where we will have those new Roadmaps available to us!

We had some more bits on the Mercury Star Runner:

There was a post Does the MSR have Escape Pods???

With the reply of No, the MSR does not have escape pods.

What’s This Then? – There was a picture posted of a hatch on the MSR marked escape:

Zyloh Responded – Good catch! This is likely a decal that was used by mistake, but I’m going to err on the side of caution and hold off on confirming that to make sure. I’ve reached out to the ship team to confirm and will report back asap!

There’s not currently a plan for the cockpit to detach in lifeboat fashion on the MSR either as some people have been speculating. Tho things are subject to future changes if they decide it’s a good idea or becomes sensible.

We’ll look to have that decal removed/swapped to avoid any future confusion.

It was confirmed that The Night Runner MSR Skin will be available with 3.11.1 LIVE for players that have that completed the minigame during the original MSR promotion. It will be swappable with the default (and other skins).

There are currently no plans to offer the ability to acquire the Nightrunner skin outside of the limited time mini-game from the concept promotion.

The Nightrunner skin has had the Advocacy labeling removed. Instead you’ll find Crusader Industries logo/text, which I think looks pretty sweet. 

We had a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1g PTU so let’s look at the Patch Notes:

  • Changed default fallback spawn location to New Babbage.

This change will default spawn players in New Babbage now instead of Lorville if the variable service didn’t save the player’s selected spawn location.

  • Changed external inventories so that they can only be accessed by 1 player at a time.
  • Added interaction to the Mercury Star Runner scanning seat to deploy/retract the scanning dish.
  • Increased quantum fuel in the Mercury Star Runner
  • Fixed an issue that was causing ships and vehicles to fall through planetary terrain.
  • The Greycat Roc should no longer be able to enter a state of duplicating its inventory and capacity indefinitely.
  • Thruster and engine effects on the Mercury Star Runner should now play correctly.
  • Rain and snow effects on the Mercury Star Runner windshield should now flow in the correct direction.
  • 3d holographic radar models should no longer appear in the center of the Mercury Star Runner.
  • Fixed multiple gaps between rooms in the Mercury Star Runner where there was no atmosphere.
  • The Mercury Star Runner coolers should now appear in the component bays in the engineering room.
  • Missiles will no longer clip through hull of the Mercury Star Runner when pressing P to activate/deactivate weapon systems.
  • Mercury Star Runner cockpit door should no longer clip through the ship exterior when opened.
  • Proximity sensors on Mercury Star Runner interior doors should now keep doors open consistently when in range.
  • The Mercury Star Runner doorway in Habitation should no longer flicker
  • Fixed VisArea issues found in the cargo bay of the Crusader Mercury Star Runner under the pipes.
  • Preview icons for Mercury Star Runner paints should now appear correctly in the VMA.
  • Elevator panels in New Babbage should no longer show “@UI” text.
  • New Babbage elevator’s Current Floor and Next Floor text will now update correctly if you choose another floor during transit.
  • Fixed Z-Fighting issues on the two system access panels in the interior section of the Cutlass Blue and Red by the rear door / ramp.
  • Videos in the lobbies for the expo hall event days should now have audio.
  • Fixed 6 Server Crashes & 2 Server Deadlocks

There are still a swathe of Known Issues that CI are going to want to try to address before the 3.11.1 Live build and the start of the IAE and FreeFly.

  • Players do not always spawn in the location they picked
  • Visiting location from fresh boot will cause player to spawn on / below the surface on Hurston
  • Weapon SFX not playing when vehicle weapons are fired
  • GRIN ROC extracting crystals can fail to fill the cargo bar
  • Crash occurs when exiting to main menu shortly after crashing & destroying your ship
  • The Hammerhead elevator collides with the landing bay at Port Olisar, causing the ship to move
  • Restocking on missiles/torpedoes, then storing and respawning the same ship will have missiles/torpedoes missing
  • Ships landed at Lorville & New Babbage cannot be stored
  • Players can get their ship into an ‘unknown’ status after abandoning it and then dying and respawning at some Rest Stops causing an insurance loophole
  • Origin 100 series Rain / slush effects are moving backwards to the direction of travel
  • Greycat ROC mining arm can snap out of place upon re-entering the vehicle if the mining arm had been previously extended prior to exiting the vehicle
  • Running into the stairs of an Origin 100 series ship as the door of the ship opens will cause players to fall through the ground
  • Refueling hydrogen fuel first can prevent you from refueling quantum fuel
  • Multiple Heavy Armor Arms Clip/Partially Obscure some of the mobiGlas Icons

CI are looking for feedback with that patch and the MSR too atm.

I was having issues spawning in the centre of a planet AND only being able to spawn at Lorville recently so hopefully that issue is largely solved now… maybe?