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Star Citizen TLDR – It’s Been a Busy Week!

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen TLDR… going over the range of news that’s happened in the Verse this week, from the IAE, new ships, roadmap updates and AI Questions, I will chuck all the info at you in a compact as format as I can!

IAE 2950 is here – have you checked it out?

The IAE is now on as is the FreeFly Event.

New Manufacturers will be at the Tobin Convention Centre on microTech at 4pm UTC every day. At that time the ships also are available on the RSI Website.

Today the 21st of November is Aegis Day and that will have a lot of high rollers excited… as the Idris & Javelin will be going on sale in 3 waves (tho I don’t know how many will be sold per waves yet).

  • Wave 1: 16:00 UTC
  • Wave 2: 00:00 UTC (Midnight)
  • Wave 3: 08:00 UTC 

Good luck if you are trying to grab one! 

For those of you wanting to check out the MSR, if you already own one you should be able to spawn it IF you do not it will be available to buy and rent from the 23rd of November.

Star Citizen PU Status is Currently Listed as Degraded Performance

The IAE went live at 4pm utc on Friday and everything went down for about 2 hours.

Like everything, website, PU, EA… Since the FreeFly (that started at 10pm) it looks like it’s gone a little smoother tho there was a minor outage issue… hopefully stability will be solid over the weekend.

Star Citizen Live: A. I. and U

AI and chairs have had an interesting relationship in star citizen, with NPC standing on them OR sinking into them. It’s mainly due to server timings which at some point will be stable with updated backend services and we won’t have weird bugs like that. 

There will be various new animations and actions coming online with NPCs.

Server performance is again a limiting factor with the AI in the way they move and issues that occur with them.

Ship & FPS AI actually have detection that is akin to vision… rather than just knowing where you are.

NPCs have stats/skill levels and the longer they are tracking a target the more accurate they become.

They are working on mess hall / food court behaviors for NPCs and vendors giving getting food, eating it and cleaning up a full cycle.

With their behaviors they also have interrupts and more random behaviors that add variety to those cycles.

Pets are planned & Animal AI will be getting work in the future.

Nomad On Sale

The CO Nomad is a Premium Multi-Role Starter Ship for a single player.

It has 24SCU Cargo which is exposed with ramp access, has a full interior with living area, bed ect… 

It’s not a dedicated fighter… but it has pew pews with 3 size 3 hardpoints.

It’s available from $70 warbond with LTI and there is a discounted starter packed with the ship and a Star Citizen Gamepackage for $80 too.

Other and Non Warbond ships sold as part of the IAE2950 have 120 months (that’s 10 years) insurance.

Roadmap Updates

Alpha 3.11.1 is out to live bringing with it the IAE and the Nomad BUT for 3.12 the Mining UI Update has moved into Polishing.

However the Stanton System Planetary Improvements has had a minor delay – As the polish velocity wasn’t as quick as expected, Yela will be looked at in the next quarter and has been removed from the list of moons receiving the update with Alpha 3.12. 

Leaks – If you miss out on an Idris or you want a big expensive ship that’s at least a little more affordable then the Perseus might be for you. We have some of the release shots of the Perseus and the Best in Show Ship Skins, that were exposed when the IAE site updated.

I own a Javelin BUT I kinda want a Perseus… so I might melt something, it’s rumored to be available from $600 which sounds… ridiculously expensive BUT cheap by Star Citizen Standard for something similar to a corvette with GIANT GUNs and that appears to be the Perseus’ focus LARGE STANDARD weaponry… rather than the lots of pew pew the Hammerhead has OR the Torps and Multi-Role the Polaris has. It’s much more down the Ares Route of BIG GUN!

And that’s it for a quick rundown of the week there was a Alpha 3.11 Postmortem which I want to cover in another video AND Inside Star Citizen looked at the nomad and the IAE which we have already talked about.