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New Star Citizen Game Studio

Star Citizen is having it’s 6th Dedicated Studio Open. There was a press release which I will subsume and give a bit more context to and cut out any totally fuff parts.

Turbulent is opening a New Game Development Studio in Montreal specifically to work on Star Citizen but it’s what they are working on that’s exciting.

CI & Turbulent have been working together for over 8 years with Turbulent mainly working on elements of CI’s website some of their work includes their award winning Starmap, store & ccu system, mini-games for ship releases, the ship release pages, the telemetry page, spectrum, issue council, galatiapedia and more as well as working towards integrating these seamlessly into the SC game.

The studio will be directed by Benoit Beausejour.

The goal is to build a fully-fledged independent studio but with its own unique Montréal culture. This studio will contribute to the larger, global development pipeline of Star Citizen, which is currently distributed across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

So this is Star Citizen’s 6th Official Studio I think.

2 in the US Texas and New York.

2 in the Uk Wilmslow (Manchester) & Derby

And 1 in Germany Frankfurt…

This newly formed team in Turbulent has already added staff and continues to grow as it creates content in lockstep with Star Citizen’s senior development leadership, including Chief Development Officer Erin Roberts and Game Director Todd Papy. The remit of the Turbulent Star Citizen team is to develop new tools to enhance and expand the existing pipeline, create new locations and features and also build entire new star systems for Star Citizen, which will make their way into the Star Citizen universe on an ongoing basis. Over the next three years, Turbulent and CIG have plans to grow the studio to 100 developers.

Benoit Beausejour, CTO and co-founder of Turbulent Said:

“I am extremely proud to officially announce the creation of a Star Citizen development team in Montreal at Turbulent. Montreal has an amazing talent pool of developers and a rich video game history, and we couldn’t be happier to add the very best local talent to work with the CIG family on the focused goal of building worlds for this unprecedented persistent universe.”

Erin Roberts, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games added:

“Over the years, Turbulent has proven themselves to be an extremely reliable and creative partner. We entered into a partnership with Benoit and the team at Turbulent eight years ago, first to help us develop our web presence and then our publishing and platform capabilities. Their hard work and efforts have been integral to our success. It’s a natural progression of our close relationship that we have now asked them to build out a dedicated content team from Montreal’s finest developers to help us create entire new star systems for the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. I couldn’t be happier to welcome Guillaume, Pierre-Luc, and Louis to the CIG and Star Citizen team.” This exciting new endeavor for Turbulent comes after Cloud Imperium Games acquired a minority stake in the company in 2019.

CI and Turbulent previously Extended Their Long-Running Partnership Through Mutual Investment where CI grabbed 25% of Turbulents Stock and 2 seats on their board.

I love the fact that CI are expanding to fill the roles and staff they need to get there game’s completed.

CI’s Zyloh made a comment on a Reddit Thread About this too:

“The team at Turbulent is brilliant, and we are extremely fortunate to have been able to collaborate with them for all of these years. This new team at Turbulent is fully embedded/in-house, so the relationship with this new team to CIG won’t be any different than any other team at CIG. I’m personally pretty damn excited about this announcement.”

Hopefully this means we will have a solid website at some point… that is one of my major gripes with Star Citizen… plz get the website in order… the Starmap site is awesome and what they are trying to do with spectrum and in game integration should be great when completed… so their partnership makes sense…  now make the website simple but great please.

But it does sound like Turbulent might be doing a lot more than the website now with them building star systems… does this mean they are going to be using the Proc Gen & Planetary Tools with like a 100 man team (eventually anyway)… that would be amazing if that is the case and it does sound like it. Star Citizen’s development is slow… and a lot of work focusing on the gameplay area would be welcome… we need dozens of star systems for star citizen to operate like the mmo that it wants to be and this is a necessary step in getting the game out.