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Star Citizen RSI Perseus – What You Need To Know

Welcome to a RSI Perseus Concept Reveal a Large Scarey Military Gunboat.

This is the latest offering for Star Citizen’s Large BUT sub-capital Class of Ship with it’s own focus on combat when compared to the Hammerhead & Polaris. That being 2 Massive Turrets with extremely big guns.


The Perseus is available from $600 Warbond with LTI, $675 Store Credit with 10 years insurance and should be on concept sale for the next few weeks BUT I didn’t see an exact end date.

The ship isn’t limited by stock but after this initial concept sale in the future it’s price may rise and it won’t be offered with LTI. Tho it will be available to purchase in game after it is flight ready. As it is in concept it may change abit before release things like the exact size or thruster configurations and ship systems PLEASE BARE THAT IN MIND. 


The Perseus in lore is a modernization of an Aging Military Gunship brought to the Civilian Market. Capable of successfully engaging a broad spectrum of ship classes AND Shredding sub-capital-class goliaths, the mere presence of a Perseus is enough to make the most aggressive attackers think twice before engaging. This ship is a front line combat brawler with a lot of stamina and massive weapons.


The Ship is 100m Long, 50m Wide & 21m High this is actually a lot smaller than I expected, around 10m smaller than the Hammerhead. With a SCM Speed of 92m/s… we should see the ship being pretty agile for it’s size.

The ship is geared towards 2 Massive Manned Turrets one on the top and one on the bottom of the ship each with 2 S7 Cannons… Giving it 4 massive S7 Cannons.

There are 2 smaller turrets (towards the rear of the ship) each with 2x S3 Gatling Weapons each that can be fully automated OR remotely controlled  to keep incoming ordnance at bay.

It packs 20 S5 Torpedoes too from 2 front mounted launchers.


The Ship is Sub-Capital BUT still big… with a mostly Large Systems and Redundancies.

2 each of Power Plants, Coolers and Shield Generators and Fuel Tanks. Fuel Intakes are TBD still and it has a single Quantum Fuel Tank all Large.

It has a Medium Radar and 2 Medium Computers… for when that becomes gameplay.


The Ship is split across 3 decks

The Top Bridge Deck containing the main Bridge, Escape Pods and Engineering.

The Mid Gun Deck with Crew (for 5 crew) & Captains Quarters giving the ship room for 6 crew total, Mess Hall, Torpedo Bay and Upper Turret Access.

The Bottom or Orlop Deck (meaning the lowest deck of a wooden sailing ship with three or more decks).

This Deck has The Cargo bay which can hold 50 SCU but this is also enough room for a vehicle like say an Ursa Rover and has an elevator to get it to the ground and docking collar as well as lower turret access.


The firepower on the ship is massive. Just it’s main gun batteries are 4x more pew pew than the Ares.

However this ship has a large amount more up it’s sleeve with what is effectively point defense and lots of torps. It’s going to want to be in the thick of battle.

But also has a huge range of facilities and the ability to land and deploy a vehicle… a lot of players will find that appealing as a more affordable base ship for them to run.

The ship isn’t overly large either 100m makes sense as it wants to be able to brawl and bring it’s weapons to bare on targets, chase down larger ships and generally bring the hurt.


The Hammerhead focuses on lots of moderately powerful turrets, very affective against small and medium size ships or even larger ones that get close as well as warding off torps; the drawback to this is the crew requirements to run the ship effectively, coordinating them and a lack of long range weaponry and missiles, as well as minimal onboard facilities.

The Polaris has a lot going on with a lot of facilities, hangar for a ship, lots of defensive and anti-fighter turrets and MASSIVE Torpedoes for Anti-Large and Capital Targets. The Polaris is a mobile base as well as a powerful ship… Again the ship has large crew requirements to fill out.

The Perseus has a lot going on… it lacks a medical bay but it does focus on it’s 2 large turrets with the rest being automatable so I think you could run the ship with 3 people.

It lacks a hangar but this ship is a brawler… it doesn’t need it’s torpedoes to fight it’s got it’s main guns and it’s got a size advantage in being able to maneuver and outpace these larger ships.

There is an “exclusive” thundercloud paint (grey, black and white) scheme during this initial concept sale too which is available to chairmans club members as part of their Perseus OR separately for $19.

And that’s it for Project Perseus… it’s a very cool ship but an expensive one at $600 Tho admittedly that is cheap by current Star Citizen Standards. I love the idea of this style of warfare as well… I am going to be picking one up BUT I am no role model for how you should live your life… quite the opposite!