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Star Citizen December 2020

Star Citizen December & BoredGamer Channel Update what have we to look forward to, what’s coming out, how are we ending out the year with this might BDSSE Development and my BDSSYTC…. (Best Damn Space Sim Youtube Channel).

The November Giveaway Winner is Lucas Zinsmaster congratulations… my editor zin did mention something about being no relation to this dude.

We have a New Giveaway for December again for the MSR as that’s what people seem to want the most at the moment… all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning that is comment on any of my videos during December.

There is a lot Coming in December but the main 2 focuses for me are firstly the New Roadmaps for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s PU…. tho this is just focusing on the upstream teams that are responsible for a core deliverable (tech/content/feature).

The other focus is Alpha 3.12 this is Q4 release each year which are typically planned to be Live before Christmas. That means it’s Evocati and 1st Wave PTU will actually be early to mid December.

There was a few changes to the patch over the last few months, currently listed is:

The Tevarin Talon & Shriek Light Fighters

Even More Planetary Improvements

POI, Gas Cloud and Station Improvements

Some-else to further add to mining gameplay is refinery gameplay with whole new locations added to stations and the ability setup refinery orders.

THE IDRIS is coming at the very least as part of the security forces that will turn up to defend space stations… tho even this will be exciting for some proper fleet battle content as previously stations didn’t provide much of a challenge to an large group of players.

Lots of AI & Server Improvements.

Persistent Reputation

UI Updates

Various Missile, Torps and Countermeasure updates

Personal Tractor Beam… 

Weapon Zeroing

Updating the Legacy Elevator Panels

Could we also get some other features… new missions like the Arlington Gang Idris Battle, Xenothreat, The Connie Taurus and Parasite Docking,The C2 Hercules….

These are all possibilities… I am also hoping for a more public test of ToW at some point…

When 3.12 is released ISC takes a bit of a break… but I mean it’s xmas and new year… anyway there will be some disruption to SC content from CI for Christmas until early Jan 2021.

Sometimes we get some interesting videos and posts from CI around Christmas… last year we got the SQ42 Teaser video with some of the bits they had been working on, so we could see something there and we might have some other development and chairman’s updates.

There is no PU Monthly Report this month (this is a bit of a relic from previous years… after CitizenCon and the IAE they take a break from the mr) tho it’s kind of rolled into the MR we will see in Jan 2021. I don’t know about the SQ42 Report tho.

November saw the first part of a hybrid short for the MSR and a Machinama and we have Part 2 of Reunion and this story on the 17th of December… IT WAS GENUINELY REALLY GOOD! Great story, characters, acting… love it! I can’t wait to see what Alex and the Duck will get upto next!

We should be getting a Q&A for the Nomad and Perseus shortly (the threads for questions are still accepting questions)

BoredGamer New Content Plans

We’re be covering 3.12 patch notes, gameplay and the new ships and content.

If sensible and where appropriate we will update our Tutorial Series.

November was a big month for Star Citizen with it’s IAE, ship sales and the unveiling of the flyable Nomad and Concept Perseus. A Huge amount of crowdfunding was gathered and many new players tried the game. It was a much bigger success than Fleet Week for various reasons… tho I wish there was a bit more interactivity with the event! There were a lot of broken records and I’ll cover that event, the funding and milestones in depth in another video.

We will be looking at Star Citizen’s Funding to date and it’s studios and structure.

I’m trying to get some more information on the new Star Citizen Focused Studio that Turbulent has opened in Montreal… that is looking to focus on building out star systems.

I’ll be taking a deeper look at the Hercules C2 and the Constellation Taurus soon.

Me and zin are planning on playing through all the content that Star Citizen has to offer in a jobs & gameplay series… looking at Bounty Hunting, Mining, Cargo Hauling and all of the available gameplay loops and doing them in various ships and vehicles at different levels.

We do want some feedback… on exactly what people want to see from that as a priority I suppose.

We will be covering all the news and anything else that comes out way BUT also me and zin are planning on streaming star citizen and some other bits in the latter half of the month!

The Support For The Channel over November has been fantastic, a lot more viewers are supporting us on Patreon and we have had a bit of a surge of people becoming Youtube Channel Members via the Join button… that has really been fantastic helping thru the Lockdown and not having to worry at all about paying my full time editor! Thankyou. Hopefully you have noticed the improvements to the videos and their edits over the last couple of months, zinya one of my best friends is my editor and she is starting to get to grips with SC, Adobe Premiere and having to work with me. I think she is even poking Morphologis for tips and advice with recording and editing too. You’ll see her a lot more on the channel in videos and in stream with me thru December!

I wanted to say a special thankyou to a lot of people that have gone the extra mile even beyond that on YT, Patreon and Donations Sarge, Robert Johnston, DJ Brown, SteamPunkDevil, Micheal Ake, Mantis, Cope, Myles, Durgan, Plastic, Andy… thank you so much!

I am planning on having these people and other super supporters names engraved on the tempered glass of my PC with that in mind

I am building a new PC for Star Citizen & Content creation and have been waiting on the Hardware specifically my Geforce 3080 and my Zen 3 Processor… which I am in a queue for EVEN THO I ORDERED within seconds of them getting launched and the websites I bought from said they were in stock… GRRRR! I am hoping to get that built before the new year assuming my stuff arrives!

Spec’s I’ve gone for a AMD 5900x, Gigabyte Ultra x570 Motherboard, downgraded to 32GB but faster 3600mhz Cas14 Ram as that appears to work well with the new zen chips and Gigabyte Eagle Geforce 3080, I am building the PC to look like a Star Citizen Component in an Origin Ship… so white, black, glass and minimalistic… kind of… I will start to show off the build once the rest of the components have arrived… or at least when they are closer to being in my hands.

It will also come with some build tips and advice from my point of view and some options if you are looking at doing something similar for SC and gaming!

I am continuing my Shilling for NordVPN I use them to make sure NO ONE WILL EVER see the secrets of my search history… but it’s got many advantages over freevpn and truly no logging. Use them for security and accessibility AND get a discount by using my link below! YOU LOVE IT WHEN I SHILL!

Also now that Shadow Cloud Gaming have more availability for their services again I’ll be shilling for them too… they are an alternative to owning and maintaining your own gaming PC… you stream a fully customizable win 10 environment to another device be it, phone, laptop, pc, tablet… It’s subscription and available in many ares and countries… it does need a good internet connection tho!

Thats it for the Channel Update moving into December 2020… the next one of these will be in 2021! That’s like the future! AND HOPEFULLY a year out of lockdown.