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Star Citizen Ship Updates December 2020 Edition

Welcome to some more Star Citizen today I wanted to talk a bit of Ship… more specifically a slew of questions that I have seen in my comments section about Ships and some about the Hercules C2, Perseus and MSR as well as some of the most common questions I see about the ships.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 is in Evocati but should be going to 1st Wave PTU pretty soon.

I’ve also had some rumors of some other interesting things happening later in December too… 

Backers that have a best in show ship will be given a skin for that ship on their account by the 7th of December. This is also true for the Carrack Helmet that everyone will be getting.

When will the issues with the MSR’s Fuel usage?

The MSR guzzles fuel and I believe it also had a problem with it’s fuel intake meaning it just chugged fuel extremely quickly without refilling leaving you with an empty hydrogen tank in no time. These issues should be addressed in Alpha 3.12 so hopefully that will put the fuel consumption in a good place.

In regards to data as cargo and the MSR vs Herald – The Herald will be able to take a small amount of data somewhere quicker. The MSR has larger data storage and is more equipped to fight and take more punishment as well as a better scanning / data interception suite and more facilities.

The Perseus does not have a dedicated medical bay.

The ship should have reasonable storage for FPS armor, weapons and gear. 

There is a Perseus Q&A incoming for that soon and we will cover that.

The Hercules C2 & M2 can Carry upto 2 Nova Tanks and the A2 can carry upto 1.

Don’t expect the variants of the Hercules C2 at the same time… and it looks like the C2 is being planned for Q1 2021 atm… though I am hoping for a Christmas Ship Miracle.

The BMM is not currently in active production BUT they are further fleshing out the Banu race, style and assets which will help for when it is. Last time CI spoke about it they implied the Polaris would get worked on before the BMM as the BMM still needed more concept work done.

Ship armor is part of the physical damage and physicallized components systems… expect to start hearing a lot more about that in 2021 when Icache comes into play.

Also expect to hear about ship modularity around that time too. 

In regards to ship reworks ALL SHIPS will get some form of rework… though a lot of this is just materials and lighting updates, hardpoint, components changes, thruster and stats balance. All ships also need to have physicalized components added to their setup too. Is the Constellation getting more of a rework beyond that and getting updated for the Hard or Parasite Docking? We are waiting on CI to tell us!

Aftermarket Ship Customization is still a planned thing allowing you to more readily customize your ship with various paints and items.

The Vanduul Glaive and Scythe will be updated to the new versions in both Vanduul Swarm and in the PU at some point… they need their human versions of the cockpits to be setup first tho before seeing them in the PU.

AI Blades are still being planned and will have much more functionality and choice than just automation for turrets / point defense. Expect to see auto CM launchers, E-War, Shield Management and a huge amount more.

Ship to Station Docking is in active development and making great progress.

Fire, Repair and Damage Control Gameplay is also in active development.

Ship Tractor beams are going to be incredibly useful, stopping a disabled ship so you can board, moving cargo, items, mineables, salvage around… helping other ships by bringing them these.

You can use it to Tow a ship, help get them out of the atmosphere… they have sooo much utility.

There are more Missile and Countermeasure updates coming in 3.12.

The Idris is going to also be in 3.12 as a ship to fight… it’s ONLY controllable by NPCs… tho I am looking forward to trying to find out a way to somehow get around that.

AI (along with players) will be able to target and intercept torps more readily in 3.12

Work is continuing on tech behind the Hull C and getting this in the PU. We need Docking, iCache, Cargo updates (so that we have much large containers and not billions of small ones). Progress is being made on all fronts.