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Big In Game Events For Star Citizen Christmas 2020

Welcome to some more Star Citizen… we’ve covered 3.12s release and Star Citizen Christmas events in another video, so we were going to update you on some other news in this video… and some of what we might have to look forward to for the rest of December.

3.12 Dynamic Events… I am potentially expecting something new in game early next week… something before CIG go on holiday.

What does go on holiday mean? Well they still run a skeleton crew during Xmas and New Year BUT don’t expect any proper patches or bug fixes UNLESS URGENT until mid Jan after that date… That means builds for the game aren’t really going to be able to be built and deployed easily after that.

So let’s talk about Dynamic Events and what I am expecting…

Slight overly talked about spoilers… Xeno-Threat… the audio and everything for this is used on the 3.12 assault on stanton release video so it’s all but confirmed now.

We are expecting various xeno-threat missions to pop up around the game, with thing like a roaming Fleet including Capital Ships like the Idris (maybe the Javelin) turning up locking down space stations and areas that will become server wide events that anyone can help join in… Hopefully this will lead to large scale long fleet battles around the Verse.

Think the UEE Navy from Fleet Week… with a bit more byte (punny), color and pirate.

I’d expect a bit of variety here as well not just the fleet battle, probably some other bits mission wise countering xenothreat too…

That’s the other thing too, will unlawful players be able to work with xenothreat? OR are they hostile to everyone…that will be very interesting… bring on the fleet battles.

Could we see a New Flyable Ship in 3.12? Well there were some rumors of a new Origin Ship BUT we don’t have any confirmation if this will still be a 3.12.0 ship OR if it’s something coming later with the leaks/unconfirmed rumors in general they are just that… so bear that in mind. However SCLeaks have said it will probably be sold as part of a Xmas Sale.

We do have some game packages with various ships on sale until the 11th Jan, the Talons are on sale too and recruiting players will net you both a Dragonfly with LTI atm as well.

But it’s possible there could be more ships on sale later I suppose? There could be a Civil Defense Force Sale with those Dynamic Events… maybe?

We could get some additional updates, previous years have seen development updates, squadron 42 teasers, letters from the chairman. We don’t know exactly what… but I would expect a little something, something.

We know that CI are planning to release their New Roadmaps within the next couple of weeks… this is probably one of the most important things for the project for CI to get right. Currently we have no view of what’s coming for Star Citizen in the next quarters… the current roadmap ended with Alpha 3.12 which is now released.

The new roadmaps will show a lot more detail of what teams are working on what, where it is planned to land and a break up of time of the teams. We are only getting the upstream teams at this stage… they will be adding more information to these new roadmaps in the future with the downstream teams too (such as UI, Audio, and other similar teams which are more reactive to the upstream teams content and progress).

We don’t know how far the roadmap will show… hopefully it will be at least 1 year we do know that CI have said that the next patch will be very accurately represented on the roadmap BUT changes and reprioritizations will still occur… this will mean that the further you get out date wise the less accurate a patch may become… but seeing the targets and plans is important.

As soon as we have those new roadmaps we will know the plans for Alpha 3.13 the Q1 2021 patch AS WELL as some of the focuses for the whole of 2021.

The Newsletter Teaser – I am not 100% sure what the sneak peek is this week but I believe it’s of explosive, breaching or salvage charges being used on a door as it had the flavor text of “Clear the dissonance and recover me.” which are lyrics from a song called Breach. We had previously also seen a door opening device in ISC a little while ago that was more of an auto jack.


The year is not over and I am excited for both 2020 and what’s coming for 2021.

Once we hit Christmas typically CI get back in the swing of things from mid January so bare that in mind… that’s when I’d expect to maybe start to see a 3.12.1 patch for example.