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Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.0 Assault on Stanton Now Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.0 Assault on Stanton is now Live.

There is no long term persistence wipe so your aUEC and Ships should be carried over from 3.11.

It’s Luminalia 2950 this is Star Citizen Christmas and there is some eventage in game.

There are various packages that you can find around New Babbage (and potentially other places) and then sell as trade kiosks.

But also there are new missions to deliver gifts around the verse too.

There are 3 contests currently for winning some prizes, capture the most beautiful lights you can find, photograph Esperia’s latest bird of prey, or design a new winter collection for the Stanton system.

There are 6 Days to Luminalia which is on the 22nd of December… each day until then there is a little gift from CI for SC you can claim from the website each day… todays appears to be a forum badge.

There is a recruitment referral bonus as well at the moment, recruit anyone between December 17 and January 11 and you’ll both get a Drake Dragonfly with LTI… does that mean you can earn multiple Dragonflies? All backers also get access to the Dragonfly until Jan 11th.

They have to make an account using your referral code and spend at least $40 to count as a recruit.

There are a variety of Game Packages with ships and 10-15% discounts available during that time too all with 2 years insurance ranging from the Aurora MR, Avenger Titan, Nomad, Cutlass to Freelancer.

Subscriptions are on discount too and there are various Christmas merchandise.

Be sure to checkout the Star Citizen Reunion Short… it’s a great look at a Star Citizen Adventure with a Mercury Star Runner and is pretty cool as a little story.

We also know that there are various Idris Encounters in 3.12… the Arlington Gang Mission set now ends with an Idris Fight, Idris will spawn for Security forces and it’s been implied that the Xeno-Threat Fleet Raids will be taking place… I am not sure if that is currently in 3.12 or if it’s something they are going to turn on a little bit later!

Anyway that’s it for some 3.12 launch information… expect a little bit more for 2020 tho… with the new roadmaps and maybe some other bits before the end of the year.

The Tevarin Talon and Shriek are on sale too as well as being flyable in 3.12 the Aves Armor is also on sale. 

3.12 Adds Refineries, Terrifying Capital Ships, Tractor Beams, Planetary Updates, Mining Updates, Alpha 3.12 premieres backend tech that enables dynamic events in Star Citizen’s ever-expanding universe.