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Star Citizen XenoThreat Event Delayed?

We have had a focused teaser for the Star Citizen Assault on Stanton Xeno-Threat Event, it appears that CI released this teaser to IGN.

It confirms that the big bad, XenoThreat are coming and that they bring with them Capital Ships and I don’t just mean Idris… It’s Javelins too.

It appears there will be some defending Stanton large scale missions on servers…

I had originally thought that this would be out this week… but I have had a couple of source suggest to me that there may be some blockers that if not solved would cause the event to be moved to the new year. So we will have to wait and see… we should know in the next couple of days… It could literally go either way atm as far as I am aware.

We did have a new 3.12.0 PTU patch as well that fixes more bugs assumedly in preparation for this event and a more playable SC. Interesting this patch limits players to 40 per server… I suspect in an attempt to get it more stable and tick rates up… in the short term IF that means much better servers… I’d be fine with it BUT we really want to get iCache… server Meshing and better optimization for servers… not bodge fixes and go backwards!

The Rest of the Updates here are:

  • Made interim tuning changes to EVA movement that will allow you to turn more easily and also arrest any spin caused by collision more quickly
  • Increased the drop shadow amount on the ship mining UI
  • Corrected the Constellation increase in hull health that came with 3.12.0 to the correct intended amounts
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get an invalid spawn location (20009 error) when joining a server without selecting an initial spawn location or when their last spawn location isn’t found or they haven’t selected an initial spawn point
  • Players should no longer be able to equip an extra weapon to the left wing on the Aegis Gladius in the VMA
  • Fixed an issue causing the 890j missions to not pay as much as intended
  • Fixed another issue causing blank contract available messages to appear on screen
  • There should no longer be placeholder text for the paints for the Talon and Talon Shrike in the VMA
  • Aegis Hammerhead 2949 BIS edition should now be available in game
  • Aegis Reclaimer 2949 BIS edition should now be available in game
  • Fixed 4 Client crashes & 2 Server crashes
  • Backend service optimizations
  • Note: Per Server Player Limit for this build has been set to 40 players

They are on track to release the New Roadmaps later this week. Which is going to be very welcome!

SCLeaks as well said they didn’t think that any new straight to flyable ships would be coming this side of 2020 in the end… but they still expect it at some point in the future.