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XenoThreat Delay Confirmed

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, it has been confirmed that the New XenoThreat and Dynamic Missions have been delayed… with CIG’s Zyloh making a few posts and explaining that this major in game event… arguably the first of it’s kind is being pushed back to early 2021.

Confirmed XenoThreat Dynamic Missions Delayed

Xenothreat event delayed to new year

We had a XenoThreat Teaser that was released to various media outlets in the form of a press release but also a Video that showed off some bits of the event as well as an Idris and Javelin that are combat ready. The plan was to have the event go live to the servers soon after that SO THEN WHY HAS THIS BEEN DELAYED?

Hi there,

The Idris is definitely out of the bag! It is true that a new threat approaches the Stanton system and it’ll be up to all of you to fight back in this initial incursion. We know many of you have actively been discussing some of the information out there related to this new threat, all the meanwhile we have been holding regular invasion playtests with our Evocati Test groups on the PTU (huge shout out to all the testers who have been secretly hammering away to make this event epic!).

Through these tests, we’ve come to realize that 1) the event is pretty damn fun, and 2) it could use more fixes to really polish it off. Rather than release to the live servers just for the sake of doing so before the holidays, we’d rather take a little more time and roll this out in the beginning of the new year proper.

There was a the rightful question under this of you announced this on the 21st then delayed it on the 22nd… why?!

We send out media alerts with every patch release/bit of news, which is pretty standard. We’re fully aware that some outlets have posted the video, which might be something that pressures a traditional company into moving forward with the event, but that’s not us.

Things were looking good, and then they weren’t. We tried to reel it back in when it started to look like we might need more testing, but we weren’t fast enough. Regardless though, we will always choose what’s best for the game, even if that means making the difficult decision to hold off just a little bit longer. And even if it leaves egg on our marketing department’s face. We can take our lumps.

SO this looks like a case of CI not having time to get this event tested fully before release and you could argue… they should of done it earlier or not announced it if it wasn’t ready.

It is however mainly a case that if they did release it now it would be more frustrating than fun… it needs a bit of love.

I think there is some concern that this is like the Squadron 42 Development Video or ToW and it will get pushed back to obscurity without tangible updates. I am hoping that CI will do that LESS AND LESS tho as it does damage the transparency and trust with the development updates with the game when they go quiet on a feature they were previously rabbiting on about.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.0 PTU has seen another patch as well with some more fixes that should be coming to the LIVE build shortly.

They upped the server cap back to 50 (they had moved it down to 40 in one of the PTU tests… assumidly for stability for the XenoThreat Event) and then there was a couple of other bits:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to claim the same refining job multiple times with the same materials
  • Fixed an issue causing Arena Commander and Star Marine UI to be offset on widescreen monitors
  • Fixed 1 Client crash & 1 Server crash

But that is your lot at the moment… expect the new roadmaps probably today or tomorrow if possible… that seems reasonable to me AND maybe a little development post / update but that’s pretty much it for the year… probably… I am hoping to see the CI 2019 financials too BUT don’t worry tho me and zin have a whole host of 3.12 content to still cover over the next couple of weeks too!