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Star Citizen Channel Update – What’s Coming in January 2021?

Welcome to a BoredGamer Star Citizen Update for January and the Start of the 2021 New Year… what’s coming this month from Star Citizen, what’s to look forward to, What giveaways are going on this month on the Channel.

December’s Giveaway Winners – We were giving away a MSR that’s been won by

We also were giving away a Talon as a special thank you for people that sat down a watched a whole 35mins of me reading out Chris Roberts Letter from the Chairman. 

For January We have a New Giveaway for a whole Fleet of Ships, 

The 100i, 125a & 135c as well as the Talon and the Shriek that’s 5 ships and they all come with Game Packages and LTI… basically this month I draw 5 winners who will each win one of those. Might as well start 2021 off with getting a load of players into the game.

Just comment on any of my videos made during Jan to be in for a chance of winner including this one.

Star Citizen Jan 2021

Cloud Imperium should be back to work in force mid January probably Starting the 11th I would expect… that’s when we will see the regular content / updates again from the studios

And there is a lot potentially happening this month…

The New Season of ISC should be starting up this will look at things that are being worked on for the new patch cycle and 3.13 planned to be coming in March.
We know there is a good few things on the 1st major patch so far and we are likely to see these features be shown off Starting this month:

Work on icache, Mounted Weapons, The Hercules C2 and M2 Starlifter (coming in a 3.13.x patch), Improvements to environments, the missile rework, visual degradation of ships, hacking, the Constellation Docking, Ship to Station Docking, Surrendering AND extremely excitingly for the customizers among you Ship Names and Serial Numbers…

This should allow players to name there ships and then those names be seen by others.

There were some ships that were sold with reserve your ships name in the past but we also had David Colson from CI saying:

So I am actually still a little confused here, the suggest is that multiple people could name their ship the Enterprise if they wanted to as there would also be a Serial Number attached to it making it unique. However Reserved Ship Names… might be unique?! I would expect that the reserved ship names just allow you to choose your name for the ship for free? Maybe… we will have to see how CI implement this.

Just let everyone name there ship whatever imo… as long as there are unique identifiers along with that. I am interested in know what you think about ship naming… in the comments below tho.

January is typically Planning Month for Star Citizen, they work out their priorities for the coming year and what deliverables and features that they want to get in game or at least make progress towards. With that in mind there are major Roadmap updates and additions that CI said should be revealed during the month.

They are adding their downstream & core tech teams to the Roadmap and expanding out the release view for the whole year so we will see plans for all the major patches this year in more detail. Along with potentially more features in the 3.13 patch.

What is yet to be shown that’s very important is where icache, Server Meshing and Pyro are on the Roadmap, hopefully we will see 4.0 scheduled for the end of the year with SM and Pyro appearing there… maybe…

Something else to note is that CI have said they will be updating the roadmap every 2 weeks so bare that in mind as well.

Something that players of Star Citizen are keen to have in game and that hopefully will turn up in Jan is the Dynamic Events / Missions and the XenoThreat Fleet Battles.

Large scale battles and events that players can join in with… It was delayed at the end of December when it was planned to go live AND CI have said they just want to get a little bit of polish and some fixes in before having it go to LIVE. 

We also know that CI are working on a 3.12.1 patch this might coincide with the XenoThreat stuff but it’s set to address various bugs, balance and SC Leaks thought a new ship might be going straight to flyable in the 3.12 branch still maybe.

We should be getting a rather Meaty Monthly Report for both Squadron and Star Citizen as they didn’t have one released in December we effectively get 2 months worth squashed together ALSO as they have already canned the briefing room this is the main way we will be getting sq42 updates until it’s closer to an actual release.

So content wise from BoredGamer:

We will be covering any XenoThreat stuff in game! I am really looking forward to that.

Zin is going to be recruiting some people to help run and organize Star Citizen events and content for BoredGamer videos and general community stuff.

You’ll get the standard breakdowns of the Monthly Reports, Patch Notes, ISC…

We will be looking at the Roadmap in detail and any updates to that AND we will be probably doing a video on each of the important features on there.

Me and zin will be doing a semi-regular Star Citizen / BoredGamer Podcast.

You’ll see threads and polls appearing that you can get involved with to ask us questions or help set topics.

Both me and zin have a tobii eye-tracker 5… I have been too hungover to use my eyes after new year. We had a remote zoom party for new years… and I still got rat-arsed.

We will be getting a video up on that soon-ish as they are pretty cool!

We’ll be getting a SC Finicials Video up as we have had some more details of their 2019 and 2020 accounts.

I am very much looking forward to any more info coming from the new Turbulent Headed Studio that’s building out Star Systems and planets for SC.

We will have a good look at icache and exactly what it plans to do for Star Citizen in the Short and Long Term.

We will be doing some gameplay of things like the Arlington Gang Idris Fight Missions and hopefully a few things that we have organized that you can get involved with if you are on my discord!

I want to look at bounty hunting as well in some more detail, it’s got a solid gameplay loop and hopefully will get a fix in 3.12.1 as they broke it for some people in 3.12.0a.

I have a new Computer that I am building, literally waiting on my Graphics Card and Processor to turn up. I bought them in Oct/Nov and they still haven’t turned up… stupid limited stocks. Should be getting those mid Jan tho and that will mean you see me and zin both recording content and videos in native 4k BUT I’ll be doing a video about that build too as I kinda want it to be a Star Citizen Themed somewhat… you’ll see! 

I saw a post on Reddit as well on Bug Avoidance and Workarounds, I think that’s a good idea for a video with a mixture of performance and practical bugfixes / getting the most from Star Citizen tips type of thing.

Some other bits that I would like your input on:

Do you want to see a new player guide for 3.12? Or is my 3.10 guide still relevant enough?

What topics would you like me and zin to discuss on our next podcast, are there any specific guests you would like us to have on?

We are finally going to get the Org Spotlight series started again, so do you have an org you want me to take a look at, if so feel free to drop me a recruitment blurb, link to the org and why you think it would be good to have you featured downbelow as well.

Are there any particular features or topics you want to have videos made on?

Any feedback you want to give to me or zin would be appreciated to… even suggestions for editing and video improvements.

What are you hoping to see from Star Citizen in 2021? Are you excited for XenoThreat? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

I want to say a special thank you to my Channel Members and Patreons that go the extra mile to support the channel, that extra funding has really helped the channel especially during the CoronaVirus Uncertainty. 

Please consider joining them via the join button or links below. There are some exclusive posts, videos and content each month AND I am planning to do a regular Discord call with peeps too!