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Star Citizen News – Major 30k Error Fixed, Are They Working For You?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, it’s a relatively quiet week with CI (Cloud Imperium) back in full force starting the 11th of January or I suppose what I should say if that’s when it looks like they will be back to their regularly scheduled content.

Things we might see next week… the Monthly Reports for Star Citizen & Squadron 42.

I am a little unsure when ISC is supposed to start in the new year but it’s very likely next Thursday as well. That will be looking at the new cycles content that they are working on in Q1.

We know CI are working on a 3.12.1 patch as well as the XenoThreat / In game event that might all happen at the same time BUT we don’t have a date on that yet… just when it’s done.

Cloud Imperium have said:

“In the background, we’re also hammering away at updates for the Public Roadmap, including the addition of the Core Tech Group (9 teams). So, while you won’t see a Roadmap update this week, we’re currently planning for our first Roadmap update to be later this month, with updates happening every two weeks after. Stay tuned for more info.”

We are still waiting to see where icache, server meshing, vulkan/gen12 renderer all fall on the roadmap as well as rough plans for the Q2, Q3 and Q4 patches.

Something that CI has done this week tho is fixed a big server disconnect 30k error that was ongoing… JUST to be clear it has not fixed ALL 30ks… as they are an umbrella term for all forms of server-client disconnect. 

There was a thread from the 1st of January 2021:

I don’t have 30k issues like all the other post claim they are having. WHY! Am I alone?

With the OP (Original Poster) seemly confused that they get very few 30k errors and issues and a lot of people constantly complain about them… is he the only one with a stable experience for Star Citizen Alpha 3.12?!

Clive Johnson CI’s Lead Network Programmer Replied on the 3rd of Jan

I’m glad you have been having relatively few 30k disconnection problems lately. Staff will begin returning from the holidays, myself included, from Monday 4th. I will spend some time investigating whether the different frequencies with which backers experience 30k’s is merely random server crashes or a symptom of another issue affecting some clients more than others.

This post was followed up on the 4th of January with some good new from Clive:

I’m happy to report that we have found the problem and Live servers are being hotfixed as I write this.

In this particular case, the 30k’s were being caused not by server crashes but by an incorrectly set timeout triggering during periods of high bandwidth usage such as initial connection or while streaming areas from the server. When combined with sufficient packet loss or a bandwidth throttled connection this could result in the timeout being triggered and result in a 30k disconnection.

My thanks to everyone here for helping to raise the alarm. Essentially the bug would occur at random and unfortunately was not frequent enough to be spotted while the build was still on PTU.

This is all awesome for the game… one of the major things holding Star Citizen back is accessibility and bugs with 30ks being probably the most common issue for players.

This puts 3.12 is a much better place now… tho there are certainly still issues with database access, calling up ships, buying/selling commodities, bounty hunting and a few others… hopefully that 3.12.1 patch will go a long way to dealing with those too.

In other news new buy back tokens have been allocated to accounts, these allow you to buy back a ship you have previously melted for store credit on your account for stored credit once a quarter. The ability to do that will refresh on April 5, July 5 & October 4.

Hopefully we should have a load of development updates next week BUT what do you think, have you played Star Citizen since the 30k hotfix for 3.12, if so how is you in game stability? Are you looking forward to those dynamic events that should be coming soon? Do you think we will see Server Meshing and Pyro this year? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

An update to timelines & Roadmap:

We’re not going to publish on a Sunday. The current plan is actually to do Roadmap publishes on Wednesdays. Currently looking like we’ll have CTG ready to publish by Jan 27. Also aiming for the aforementioned color coding system to come online at the same time. Of course, things can change, as you know, which is why we didn’t commit to a hard date and simply said we’re targeting January.