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Star Citizen Bug Avoidance

Welcome to Star Citizen with Bug Avoidance, Workarounds & Tips to help you get the most out of Star Citizen as well as hopefully make your in game experience more playable.

Resetting your character via the website is a last resort for fixing a broken character or experiencing a game breaking bug BUT star citizen has many a bug and learning to avoid them and de-bug them where possible is useful.

There was a reddit post Some General Tips that can improve your SC Experience which I’ve linked down below that inspired me to do this video as I looked upon the list there and went… I do most of that and playing Star Citizen a good amount and messing around in evocati has made it second nature so here are a load of helpful bits:

Travelling Around The Verse

When Quantum Travelling remain seated and don’t turn off your power / engines if you can help it.

If the StarMap app doesn’t work try mouse wheeling out/double right clicking, resetting your route and changing app.

If you can’t set a route somewhere then try manually jumping towards or to another location then setting the route again. Just press B then align to the location and Quantum without setting a route.

If it’s that you can’t QT to a location because your drive doesn’t want to calibrate then just look away from the waypoint 90 degrees or more then look back.

If your ship has stopped OR you can’t target ships responding check to see if you are in freelook mode by Pressing z.

Also try powering off your ship then turing it back on / flight readying it again.

Also you might be in Quantum Spooling mode (b) OR scanning mode (tab).

If you flip your vehicle then try turning off your engine, throttling up and turning on the engine again while wiggling.

Avoiding Getting Stuck & FPS Issues

When EVAing if you want to avoid falling over when trying to land or enter a ship, don’t go all out speed wise, slow down as you come into land and try to have your self level and looking above where the horizon would be as you touch the ground.

Try not to run into walls or edges of the insides of ships as you can glitch thru / out and be stranded. A big problem if you are QTing.

You can get stuck in planetary terrain… be aware of that before trying any parkour.

When leaving a hab, building or getting in a train MAKE SURE THE FLOOR HAS SPAWNED… otherwise you will be falling through it.

If you FPS Weapon doesn’t want to shoot or multi-tool bugs out then try inspecting the item or changing loadout then back on your mobiglas.

Other Bugs

If you mobiGlas won’t open constantly between sessions OR character becomes repeatedly unresponsive, trying editing your character and saving the changes. 

Locked out of Bounty Hunting? For those of you experiencing it Sharing an appropriate (for whatever area you need) Bounty Hunter BEGINNER (not the assessment ones) Mission with another player CAN I SOME CASES fix the bugged out Not Getting new missions / assessments.

Missing Ship / Mining UIs can be fixed by tabbing between them.

Having Issues Selling at a terminal or Calling Up a ship… wait a while… there is a long delay currently. Also moving to another terminal or area can help.

If you lose party members, markers leave and come back to the party.

Apparently also sending a comm call to the member that’s suffering the issue can work.

Ghost and duplicated items are a thing, this can happen for loads of reasons.

If you just can’t access your inventory or spawn ships at all then it might be worth considering the character reset option tho.

Tho I did find renting a ship allowed me to spawn it and next time I logged on I didn’t have any issues!

Not a bug BUT You refine mineables at Refinery Stations then use a ship with some cargo space to take them to a LZ to sell them.

You can just sell the Gems that you mine by hand / the ROC without refining them at outposts and LZs. Tho this often bugs out OR you have to wait a while.

Though there have been some fixes for some common 30k issues they, server crashes and other bugs still happen… please bare that in mind… It can be a bit soul destroying when losing a Cargo Shipment or big stack of refined goods.

Bam! That is about the limit of what is easily viable to share here, I have an issue at the moment where if I alt-tab from Star Citizen it crashes… which is annoying.