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Star Citizen is Getting Bigger

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, there is a lot of work in 2021 towards completing out the current Star System (Stanton) as Cloud Imperium as well as their new Planet and Star System focused studio building out more Systems and content BUT what’s left to be completed in the Stanton System and what is planned to be completed this year?

There is the Aaron Halo, this is a massive Asteroid field separating microTech & ArcCorp from the central system where Hurston and Crusader are. This requires CI to have new Asteroid Tech that is being worked on, some of which is starting to appear in Alpha 3.13. The asteroid field itself is extremely dense and will have great opportunities for miners BUT also maybe for pirates…

There are Massive Gates and assumedly customs/security checkpoints owned by ArcCorp that according to the lore citizens will be required to travel through… whether there is no way through without that OR if it’s a crime to avoid remains to be seen.

The Aaron Halo is due to have to have work done to it for Q3/Q4 2021.

We have Crusader as the first real Gas Giant coming to the Stanton System in 2021 along with it’s Floating Landing Zone Orison. It looks like there are at least 2 iterations of Orison Planned V1 and V2 that are getting worked on throughout the year as well.

The Gas Giant is supposed to have POI and content around it beyond just the Landing Zone and mighty Shipyards there. It’s very much a floating garden and very pretty landing zone… the air is breathable though I don’t know how I’d feel if I lived there!

Eventually AnimalsSpace Whales on Crusader, Xiphopods on Lorville and really everywhere… they are like rats, space cows anywhere there is UEE farming, ranta whatever they are… We know they want a Yeti on microTech. There are teams working on Animals in the game right now.

Jump Points are due to have some work done during Q2/Q3 2021.

Jump Points will be a conduit to move to the attached Star System but also for ships, pirates and economy affecting elements to come in.

Pyro will have pirate incursions come into the Stanton System and then retreat back to Pyro… the XenoThreat Fleet and associated missions are representative of that as well… they are from the Pyro System technically.

But once these are in and we have the Dynamic universe simulation content will flow between the systems and really affect the economy and gameplay between them.

They may have stations and defenses around them as well which are also going to be worked on this year.

We know that Pyro will be the first Connection and Jump Point we have BUT there are 2 more in the Stanton System, Mangus and Terra… Magnus is a Star System I think we will get in the next couple of years, it’s actually pretty simple… Terra tho I thought may be a while out as it’s likely one of the most complex Human Star Systems to do… that said they already have ArcCorp in game and that’s a City Planet… so maybe Terra isn’t as complex as I think… it may just need major Hero areas / City to be built and the rest of the planet procedurally assisted.

Generally More POI

Interesting things to scan down in space and the ground, from asteroid fields, to mineral deposits, salvage sites, anomalies, pirate bases, distress calls, ambushes, new outposts, homesteads, towns. 

We know there are various updates to the current gameplay area… updates to prisons coming, more updates to space stations, cargo decks getting gameplay actually associated with them, places to store cargo… new cargo types.

There are various Stanton System Polishings going on shown as tasks on the roadmap including Update assets, object presets, planet painting and the global data of all planetary bodies in the Stanton system.

We know they are going to have scramble races back on the menu AND GrimHex and the Yela asteroid field is getting combat space races and betting.

Delamar and it’s landing Zone Levski will eventually MOVE OUT of Stanton and into the Nyx System in the future.

Tech wise beyond this just for the gameplay area to function correctly Server Meshing and Server Optimizations are needed to support an MMO type player base with the seamless sharing of data between servers and them spinning up servers based on the population of an area. You may see ways that CI artificially control the population of areas, increasing taxes / fees for landing / trade / repair, rearm, refuel OR having NPCs run amok, even having other areas spawn missions to move players out of an area.

Also major changes to the gameplay area that are seeing work throughout 2021 include things like Spawn Closets which will have NPCs be able to spawn/despawn where needed in a diegetic manner.

As well as the Removal of FPS Armistice Zones, so you’ll be able to use weapons AT YOUR OWN RISK at LZs but there will be laws, security and defenses there too.

True physical inventory and full persistence will really change the way we interact and move around the Verse.

As new gameplay loops are created that gameplay will be supported by updates to stanton… be that new mineables or salvage sites… or whatever…

Rentable habs is what I am looking forward to as well… I want to live in a nice apartment at Orison above Crusader! We don’t have indications of when these will be in yet tho, but we do need full persistence first.

I am looking forward to the completion of Stanton, though general points of interest and planetary updates will continue beyond its “completion” that will add to more variety but also give us generally better visuals. We might see extensive road networks in the future and water/underwater gameplay too BUT I wouldn’t expect to see that any time soon. We should start to see Star Systems and gameplay areas start to be expanded out a lot more after 2021/2022 as that new studio comes up to speed and the tools/assets that CI have built for their game really start to pay dividends.