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Star Citizen is it Playable Now?

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, CI (Cloud Imperium) are really trying to get the latest 3.12 branch of the game in a good state with various hotfixes and a new PTU patch dealing with some of the other issues in game… it appears that CI are preparing for the XenoThreat Event AND once it goes LIVE I would suggest that it will be worth players jumping in and getting involved… for me this is what I have been wanting for Star Citizen for quite some time, some larger scale action and interesting missions that I can jump in and get involved with, helping at a small scale if it’s just me OR larger scale if I am with a group! Very Cool!

They recently deployed 3 sets of Hotfixes Recently

A server-side hotfix has been deployed to address a source of 30k Disconnections.

A services hotfix has been deployed to help address a unresponsive shops.

A services hotfix has been deployed to help address an issue related to the sale of commodities.

Clive Johnson commented on the 30k fixes as well which have been a major issue for Star Citizen:

Just double checked and the hotfix is working. There has been a 99% reduction of clients seeing this particular kind of 30k but only a 44% reduction in the overall number clients seeing 30k’s of any kind. Almost all of the remaining 30k’s are caused by server crashes.

So that is great to hear BUT it’s not the end of 30ks… just a lot more stability than previously.

Let’s take a look at the New 3.12 PTU Patch… it’s just bug fixes:

  • Ground vehicles should no longer take intermittent damage during travel across the surface of low gravity moons
  • Players should now be able to activate mining consumables in the Mole using the inner thought UI
  • Players should no longer gain a crimestat after completing bounty missions
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to despawn after a player disembarks for a short duration
  • Contract popups should no longer contain “mission(Title)” instead of the intended text
  • Fixed 4 Client crashes

There are still some known issues Known Issues

  • Bounty Mission Completion are removed on character reset and players will not be able to pick up Bounty missions again
  • Selling commodities from personal Inventory causes a service error

Workaround: Make a commodity cargo box in a ship cargo grid and sell through the ship inventory.

  • Area18 admin office trading terminals will give an error and fail when selling commodities
  • Player eyes are extra reflective in video
  • Select CRU series station external elevators are missing (CRU-L1 and CRU-L5)
  • The shopkeepers of both Live Fire Weapons and Garrity Defense are stood away from their desks
  • Being arrested with both utility slots occupied causes the player to respawn in prison with a broken multi-tool

Another issue that people are suffering from that’s not listed there is that some ship that are destroyed can’t be reclaimed properly and are no longer spawnable until CI fix this account resetting seems to be the only way to fix… tho I did have some success with renting a ship, after the ship had ended it’s rental period I was able to respawn my ships again… hope that helps.

Also a CIG dev (Gill) posted a comment on a thread talking about Desync “killing the game” currently:

I’ve been trying to figure this out since the moment I get back after New Year. I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly is causing this as it seems to something we only really see once something goes out to the Live servers and not something I can recreate internally.

So don’t worry, it kills it for me, too. Trying my best to figure this out for you guys. 🙂

Hopefully we should see Xenothreat in the next couple of weeks as well as fixes to those remaining major issues… and it’s possible that this PTU patch could form the basis of a 3.12.1 patch as maybe that would coincide with those new events going LIVE.