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Star Citizen News – 10th of January 2021

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News… there are a few little bits ending out this week today on the 10th of January 2021.

Through out the week we covered videos on 

Idris Capital Ship Stealing & Combat

What’s Coming in January for Star Citizen

Squadron 42 Beta Cancelled… Headlines… spoiler the headlines are dumb

Major Fixes for 30k and current game issues

How to avoid common bugs

Star Citizen Expanding Out it’s gameplay area

And we are just about to release a video about CI acquiring a Perpetual CryEngine Liscence! Check those out in the links below.

Beyond that We have what appears to be a Sneak Peek of the Ship to Station Docking Collar from the Newsletter… these are new features and locations coming to Space Stations in 3.13.

There is Another PTU Patch 3.12.0r with even more fixes… this appears to be leading to a 3.12.0b LIVE patch and probably the release of the Xenotheat Dynamic Missions / Event soon after if not at the same time.

There are some additional Bug Fixes here:

  • Bounty Assessment missions should now show correctly again after a player does a character reset
  • After exiting Quantum Travel, the QT HUD on ships should no longer get stuck displaying while the QT drive is cooling down.
  • Fixed 3 Client crashes & 2 Server crashes

The Testing Focus of that patch is both General Gameplay but also the bounty hunting fix

With CI saying: With testing the bounty fix, make sure you do both certification missions and regular local missions and then test doing a Character Reset on the PTU website (not the account recopy). After the reset you should have to redo the certification and the local intro before unlocking the tier of regular missions you were able to do previously.

However the patch still have major issues with stock replenishment and “needs” not being updated… so you might be unable to sell commodities because the area is FULL… that needs to be fixed ASAP!

We have more details of the January 2951 RSI Subscriber Promotions they are for GP33 grenade launchers.

There are 3 available:

Centurions get Dark Blue accented one

Imperators that AND an Orange Accented one

There is also a black & grey one in the Sub Store available.

Subs also have access to the 100 series of ships thru January too.

And subs can pickup a ROC with enhanced insurance and some sub items also in Jan as well.

The Perseus gunship Concept Ship will be leaving the pledge store FOR EVERYONE at 23:59 UTC on January 11 so no longer available for Concept Sale from the 12th Jan. You’ll be able to get it in game one day when it’s flyable… so don’t get fomo.

Next Week we should see a lot of the normal updates from CI coming back… including the Monthly Reports.

And we will be getting various updates to the new roadmaps later in January.