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Star Citizen – New Star System

There is a lot of work going into new Star Systems for Star Citizen in 2021 so today I wanted to talk about that… what work is going into these Star Systems beyond the current Stanton System we have in game… and what we could potentially see some of in 2021 BUT I’d expect more of it to come to furition in 2022… what’s on the Roadmap Currently.

Expected to be the Next Major Star System and to be coming with Server Meshing potentially by the end of the year is Pyro

The Pyro system is a pirates dream unlike the Stanton System which has much security, Pyro is more akin to the wild west… really it’s more of a pirate and outlaw den.

It’s where the XenoThreat incursions technically come out of and return to.

Throughout the Year Pyro is getting work done to it’s initial foundational work needed to implement the Pyro System into the game, getting it’s locations in a functional state and missions all hooked up to the area.

There is work for Adding small rundown Rest Stop stations to the Pyro system, which provides basic services and use limited interiors.

The major landing zone here is Ruin Station. Once a mining platform operated by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated until it was abandoned and overrun, Ruin Station is an highly dangerous location frequented by feuding gangs and outlaws.

Although the system is an outlaw one… expect the stations and especially Ruin to have defense turrets and potentially a make shift security force, protecting those that are trying to land and do business there.

They are adding the Akiro Cluster as part of Pyro, a cluster of dangerous, charred asteroids. While mostly worthless, some rare materials can be found here… 

Along with this there is also work going into sharpe angular asteroids and new assets for the Pyro System and its various asteroids.

We know they are working towards finishing out various Pyro Planets and Moons too.

And are even working on the Mighty Pyro Crab.

Jump Points are something else that is getting a lot of work through 2021. Linking at first Stanton to Pyro but opening up to a lot more as they add more of these systems. The Jump Points need functionality and gameplay associated with them BUT also the areas around them need spacescaping, defenses, maybe a rest stop… things like that.

On the Roadmap we also have work on the Nyx System that’s currently planned.

Nyx Planets 1,2 and 3 are getting work. Though beyond that we know very little.

We already have Delamar as a location with Levski on in game… this is important as it’s actually going to get moved to Levski when that system is completed.

And it’s expected by some that CI are building their way from The Stanton System to the Odin System WHICH makes the most sense as these are the Star Systems we see getting worked on by CI. Stanton to Pyro to Nyx to Odin with that in mind:

The Odin System is getting more work as well and quite a lot of it at that… this is Star System where Squadron 42 at least gets a lot of it’s game time in… AND I suspect it will be the most fleshed out system other than the Stanton System when it’s released. A huge amount of work has gone into Odin already but through 2021 this is a load more.

We are getting work on Archon Station, the mighty mining base that was shown in the SQ42 vertical slice… it is a massive facility located near the Coil.

Which is a good segway as the Coil is also getting a lot of work, this basically an exploded planet crossed with a nebula and combines space lighting and gas clouds as well as large planet chunks in this interesting yet deadly huge location where pirates hide but also there is likely going to be good mining/harvesting opportunities here too.

Originally the Coil was Odin 1… it has a moon that’s getting work. 

Odin 1a Gainey, the moon still drifts near the remnants of it’s parent.

There is a Chemline abandoned extraction facility that again was shown in the VS that is receiving various work… this has been occupied by the OMC pirate group.

There is the Breakers Yard that is hidden deep within Odin 1s remains that is getting worked on too.

We’ve seen the Acideo Comm Array in some detail now and that is continuing to receive work. It’s again an abandoned Station that has been taken over by pirates at least in Squadron 42 it has… 

These Squadron 42 locations and stations will be used across the Verse as well or at least parts of them will be used to help flesh out station, structure and planetary building tools.

The Outer System is getting work for Odin as well.. It looks placed to be in a mostly built state even for Star Citizen’s Needs in my opinion by the end of the year HOWEVER it’s likely that it won’t be added to the game until after SQ42 comes out SOMETHING that isn’t happening before 2022.

There is a lot of general gameplay content too

They are working on Station Assets and generally the tools, new biomes and location updates for new planets & POI etc… this includes Derelicts and Organics on planets too.

One the things that I think is really cool that they are working on is Touch Blending and more indepth Flora with plants that bend and flex as a player or object moves past and through them. This could lead to the ability to track players or other creatures thru these areas too. We know they are working on Water based gameplay to some extent

To me it looks like Pyro and Odin could be mostly complete for the games basic needs by the end of 2021… I would expect that Nyx needs a bit more work… that said there is literally a new Studio headed by Turbulent that is working on Star Systems and Planets… it might take them a little while to get up to speed BUT they plan to be at 100 plus devs within the next 3 years BUT we don’t really know about their activities in 2021… and what they are working on OR how many devs are already there.

There have been rumors that CI are also working on some more Star Systems, Magnus, Terra even Vega… and I suspect some of that is true to some extent… CI are working on new assets and bits of lots of different systems even now. There are dedicated teams working on creatures and new tech / anomalies… BUT a lot of this needs a lot of other bits to come together before it features on the roadmap THAT said later in January we will be getting a variety for Roadmap Updates that should give us a lot more indication what’s going to make 2021 and what the priorities are beyond that… hopefully we will see Pyro, the Jump Point Connecting it and Server Meshing for the end of the year… but only time will tell.