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Star Citizen News – 3.12.1 Incoming & A Cautionary Tale

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 is in Evocati. We are hoping that this brings the XenoThreat Missions AND new in-game events… we don’t have an ETA on that for when it will go to wider testing OR LIVE yet. 

The Dynamic Missions were delayed at the end of December as they just weren’t ready or at least to the state CI wanted AND they have said they are ironing out the issues currently. 

There are various other major issues with the 3.12.0b LIVE build that will hopefully be addressed, like the ships sometimes not being spawnable AND trading problems. 

The Daymar Rally is today, January 16th. It is likely to be live if you are watching this… I’ll link the website and stream down below. Go by and say hi! SUPPORT THEM!… It’s a massive 500k Race Across… Daymar and it’s awesome that we can have these awesome fan organized events in game even now…  

The Sneak Peek this week looks like the Redeemer getting further through development. 

I think a lot of people are excited by how the Redeemer is going to have changed… we know it’s less drop and more focused gunship and it’s been re-concepted but still retains the original look and feel. 

The Talon & Shrike are moving out of the pledge store on the 18th BUT they will be available to buy in game at some point in the short to mid-term. 

CI are back to normal this week coming, and we will have ISC, SCL and the monthly reports. Don’t expect the roadmap updates until late January though! 

There was a Dev Question How and Why Does Star Citizen Use AVX as these changes made pre-2011 CPUs non-functional with Star Citizen. 

Clive Johnson Replied: 

AVX became a requirement so that the C++ compiler can use them to optimize the game client. The compiler automatically performs these (and many other) optimizations using a complex set of rules to evaluate different ways of converting a piece of C++ to machine code instructions. As a result, the compiler may decide to use AVX instructions almost anywhere in the code. Previously, compiler optimizations that make use of AVX instructions had to be disabled so that the game could continue to run on older CPUs. 

The Server Stability on the Telemetry Tracking Website was showing as ZERO as well which means no crashes HOWEVER this is a bug… with CIG saying

Ah, yeah that’s definitely broke. Stability is what I’d consider to be a pass for an alpha but definitely not 0. I’ll tell the analytics guys that are in charge of that dashboard that it’s not reporting correctly. 

I saw a PSA on Reddit and realized it’s worth mentioning as well. 
Bounties that die, even if that’s thru them crashing into an asteroid count towards mission completion now rather than just failing you… which is a good and sensible change. 

There was a question asking what causes the Que’d for Login Server issue where some players are getting DC’d and a message pop up saying qued for login server… 
CI have said that there is both a bug and intended message with this issue: 
It’s supposed to show when you are not actively connected to a game server and you get put into a login Q. 
If you see it when you are in game and get kicked that’s a bug and there has been some disconnection with the backend services… to me this is basically a stealth 30k disconnect. It doesn’t seem that common tho. 
At least CI are aware of the issue now tho and once they can accurately reproduce it they can then move to fix it. 

Also, there was some videos doing the rounds of a player spawning in some Idris and Javelins, so what this appears to have been is someone modding the live environment of the game which is considered a hack by CI (at least this is the situation as I understand it… tho I might be wrong as it’s hard to fact check) and they have since had all their accounts nuked and I believe perma-banned. 

Now I’ve also talked to some people in the SC Modding community as well who do not endorse what they did AND say they take the environment offline or poke around, use older builds BUT don’t affect the online environment, cheat or otherwise do anything they consider hacking and they often talk to CI trying to get modding support for the game eventually as was originally the plan for Star Citizen. 

What I am trying to say is that if you want to mod for Star Citizen either contact CI before you doing anything… be aware of the TOS/EULA BUT I hope we get full modding support in the future… however obviously messing around with the live environment spawning in ships when you are not a dev is probably not appropriate… though who am I to judge. 

 I think the dude might have just wanted to mess around with some cool space ships in Alpha and share the videos AND At the very least it’s a vulnerability that CI are now aware of. 

I never know how to feel about that sort of thing because sometimes people wanna do cool stuff… others are more malicious or arrogant AND I have no idea which it is. So, I’ll leave it as more of a cautionary tale.