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Star Citizen Most Asked Questions

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we are going to be regularly covering FAQs and hottopics… And today I wanted to cover the most asked questions that I see about Star Citizen from my comments and community as well as more generally the internet.

Is Star Citizen a Scam?

No, Star Citizen & Squadron 42 are being developed and the funding that CI receives is going back into the project… if it was a scam it would be like pretending to land on the moon… by building a rocket fully capable of landing on the moon.

There are certain & various areas of Star Citizen development that are warranting criticism tho!

Release Date Squadron 42 / Star Citizen?

There is no release date for Squadron 42 or Star Citizen.

There is work on the Roadmap for Squadron into 2022 so NOT BEFORE that year.

For Star Citizen they release a major quarterly patch (4 times a year) targeted at End of March, End of June, Between End September to Mid October and Mid December. 

I am roughly guessing a more complete version of Star Citizen in 2025.

When is the Next Ship Sale?

There is a Newly Flyable Ship Sale with each major patch typically.

There are also 2 major events each year that have ship sales

IFW (Fleet Week) in May

IAE Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in November

There are also typically ships available around CitizenCon & Christmas mid October, end of December respectively.

When Ship Sales / Major Events In 2021?

As mentioned above there is IFW End May, IAE End November

Assuming lockdowns are lifted CitizenCon 2021 is a possibility typically around the 10th of October.

When is the Next Wipe?

Star Citizen has LTP (Long Term Persistence) and this keeps players in game money and assets between patches. However Star Citizen will wipe from time to time based on it’s development or testing needs.

More likely to see wipes are when we get iCache OR Server Meshing and when the game moves to Beta and Live Phases.


When will 30ks be fixed?

30k errors are an umbrella term for any form of disconnect from the server to the client. They have seen a lot of fixes recently and Star Citizen is a lot more stable for it BUT they still are relatively common. As they game gets more refined and netcode gets more robust 30ks will get less and icache and some of the updates may in the future allow for server crashes to not interrupt play as the server will be able to quickly regenerate / recover.

When will the Roadmap be Updated?

The Roadmap is planned to get more of the teams added to it towards the end of January and then a regular update every 2 weeks.

This should expand the Roadmap until the end of 2021 with at least some details of planned features for release.

It should add the core teams that are working on things like icache & Server Meshing.

And the Downstream teams like UI, lighting etc.. to the progress tracker so we can see what MOST of CI are working on feature wise.

Can I buy and sell my Ships Account in game or for real money?

You cannot yet sell ships in game BUT you can buy almost all flyable ships… expect new ones to be added each major update… All ships (bat a couple of promo variants) will be available in game to buy with in game credits.

You can request a refund for purchases from CI typically they will honor it if purchased within 2 – 4 weeks.

There is a GreyMarket on Reddit and some website where you can buy and sell ships and other items for real money. CI do not support this and if you have any issues they will be unable to help just make sure you are fully aware of anything and try to protect yourself from people trying to scam you if you do want to buy or sell on there. 

People do sell accounts on there too tho that’s a bit more tricky as I believe it’s always the property of the original owner… so I wouldn’t recommend buying an account.

What’s The Best Starter Ship?

The Ship you want to start with… the cheapest way of getting the game is the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha… I prefer the Mustang BUT if you don’t mind spending an additional $25 consider getting the Avenger Titan…  it’s a really great all rounder for combat, missions & cargo and is very upgradeable… it’s a big jump up from the starters… that said you can get it in game pretty quickly after clearing a load of low end bounties.

Is the Game Suitable for Solo Players?

Yes BUT I think there is a huge amount more fun to be had by joining an Org.

How do I convince my Friends to play?

If you have to actively try and convince them beyond suggesting they take a loo… then it might not be for them yet… Also some people want to play polished finished games with progression… Star Citizen is much more of a tourist experience at this stage.

Get them to play during the freefly events where they can play for free… typically these are during Fleet Week May and IAE November BUT they sometimes have more!

When will X Feature be Out?

The Roadmap shows what CI are working on and what is roughly planned for releases with at least a 70% confidence when on the Release View for each of the Quarters.. At time of Writing we only have 3.13 the Q1 patch on the Roadmap.

When is the Hercules C2 coming out?

It’s planned to be flyable during the 3.13 cycle in a 3.13.x patch between April and June BUT not the initial 3.13 release.

Banu Merchantman & Polaris When?

The Polaris is getting work during 2021… I’d expect it flyable mid 2022.

The Merchantman still needs more concepting work… and nothing is currently shown on the roadmap for it yet. End of 2022 would be optimistic.

When will we see Theatres of War… what happened?

Theatres of War had various performance issues that CI wanted to resolve along with improving it general gameplay. It should be going back out to evocati Q1/Q2 2021 and will go out to a wider audience when it’s ready. CI are doing regular internal playtests.

What’s Changed on the Redeemer, Merchantman & Polaris?

It was confirmed the Merchantman and Polaris have grown in size.

The Redeemer is in active development currently and is a focused gunship now BUT still looks VERY similar to the original design with a good amount of updates.

Beyond that we don’t know much about hardpoints or systems yet.

Why Don’t you cover ALL LEAKS?

I am an Evocati Member so I have a NDA. I won’t discuss the particulars of an Evocati Patch or show leaked footage from an Evocati Build, nor talk about those patch notes or data mined specifically from an Evocati Build. Beyond that it’s all fair game however I will actively try to have clearly marked videos for LEAKS AND SPOILERS as to not offend the eyes of viewers.

Are you paid by CI?

No… Though they have recently started giving me ships to giveaway with the launch of major patches I typically get anything that’s newly flyable to giveaway AND THERE ARE NO strings attached. I will be fully transparent about anything like that. I am happy to shill as long as I can say I am shilling…