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Star Citizen 3.12.1 HYPE

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we have some updates for you!

CI have said:

The team has been focused on preparing for Alpha 3.13 coming later this quarter, the Roadmap update coming your way on January 27 (which will include additional quarterly columns and more), and of course testing for our first Dynamic Event, which is currently going through its paces with the Evocati.

So middle (Wednesday) of next week for the Roadmap Update that should be expanding out the teams on the progress tracker to include the downstream and core teams as well as some of the release view for the Q2, Q3 and Q4 patches… though they might be pretty bare as they said they would put features on there that were at least 70% confidence for actually landing there.

What I am looking forward to tho is the Dynamic Events, the start of XenoThreat Missions and fleet battles… Alpha 3.12.1 is with Evocati at the moment and we are expecting that to fix a variety of problems like the trade kiosk issues and hopefully ships not being spawnable / reclaimable. CI are ironing the bugs out and it should go to a wider PTU within the next couple of weeks.

Cloud Imperium congratulated the Daymar Rally for another successful event… it had over 150 teams and 700 plus participants… that’s crazy!

We have all the shows back to normal for Star Citizen this week… so

Later Today (Tuesday), the Narrative Team will take a look at Imperator Addison’s first few days in office… I was asked what does the Imperator election actually do… will this affect the game in some way? What’s the point in this?! Well Yes it will affect the game flavor and influence the devs building missions and the dynamic universe sim… and we are going to find out a bit more about that flavor.

On Wednesday, we have the Monthly Reports for both the PU & SQ42, combining the months of November and December so it should be a big one… this is also the main way we will get SQ42 updates for the foreseeable future beyond features being worked on in the Roadmap.

Thursday, Inside Star Citizen is back starting off the 3.13 and Q1 cycle.

Friday has Star Citizen Live though we don’t have confirmation of exactly what topics are being discussed yet!

It’s good to have Star Citizen infos coming back to our faces again! I hope there is less downtime in the future with their official content between major releases and Xmas-New Year… someone did say to me they deserve a break… yes, but then get someone else in during that downtime to send us more content… no SCL, ISC, Roadmap Updates and limited engagement at times starves me! That said I suspect if they had got XenoThreat out at the end of the year I would of been happily playing that.