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Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 Open PTU Out Now

Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 is now on the PTU (The Test Servers) for everyone as Cloud Imperium get Ready for a XenoThreat Playtest from 8pm – 11pm GMT both days of this weekend 23 & 24th of January.

Cloud Imperium have put out a message:

Testing focus will be to play through the event, which will be listed in your contract manager under “General” -> “Priority” recording any bugs, issues, and generally observing the flow and setup of the event. For bugs and issues, please make use of the issue council and report/contribute to any and all problems encountered. For general feedback on the event, including rewards and setup, please let us know via a reply to this message.

Just copy your account across from the Settings – Public Test Universe Section of the RSI Website and then select PTU on the Launcher to get involved.

The PTU patch has various other bits going on with it too… Delamar & it’s Landing Zone Levski have gone & been removed with Cloud Imperium saying:

“As we’ve mentioned in the past, having Delamar in the Stanton system would be a temporary thing. With our upcoming patch Alpha 3.12.1, we’re planning to remove the asteroid Delamar, and with it the landing zone Levski. Delamar, initially located in the Nyx system will be reintroduced into its intended location when the Nyx System comes online, which means that this is only a temporary removal. With Alpha 3.0, we moved Delamar/Levski to the Stanton System for testing purposes and have now come to a point where those tests have been concluded. With the removal, we will not only move Delamar to its rightful place lore-wise, but we’ll also free up memory and entities for upcoming additions to the ‘verse in lieu of the release of server meshing.”

If you have your spawn point set Levski then it will be changed to Lorville.

You’ll be able to get the ships from Teach’s Ship Shop in the other shops in the Stanton System.

Missions will be amended to be in other locations, tho the NPCs at Levski like Recco Battaglia will be away until they return in the Nyx System. 

This will be LIVE in the LIVE build of 3.12.1. There is a Screenshot Competition in the current 3.12.0 LIVE build paying tribute to Delamar/Levski.

Beyond that there are some EVA Quality of Life updates with improvements to how ragdoll physics are handled and they greatly increased the angular acceleration of the thruster packs.

  • Polish pass on names and location descriptions of various bounty missions and Northrock PVP Bounty Missions
  • Temporarily removed patrol missions
  • Reduced starting inventory levels of multiple commodities at TDDs to prevent their inventory from being constantly maxed out
  • Increased shop inventory of medpens, oxycans, and ammo magazines

There are only a few known issues listed CURRENTLY:

  • Some or all of the player’s items that should be kept after a Character / Database reset are lost
  • Player Unable to access mobiGlas after changing armour
  • Being arrested while wearing leg armor causes the player to respawn in prison with a broken multi-tool
  • Attempting to sell minerals at a Prison Kiosk results in a Processing screen and then a transaction failed message

And the patch actually has a load of  Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the fuel intakes on the Star Runner to scoop less than intended amounts of hydrogen fuel
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a players ship to enter a state where it cannot be Retrieved
  • Fixed an issue causing the claim function to not be available at ASOP terminals
  • Shields should no longer be able to be penetrated by laser scattergun weapons such as the Dominance
  • Multiple FPS weapons should no longer be missing collision on the front of their barrels which allowed them to shoot through walls/ships
  • Fixed a server fps issue causing enemy fighters to change direction instantly and have unnatural behaviors
  • Items Dropped or Placed by a Player should no longer sometimes immediately disappear
  • Fixed an issue causing turrets to not spawn for claimjumper missions
  • Turrets should now be hostile in lawful Claimjumpers missions
  • Bounty targets should no longer take a long time to spawn once the location has been reached
  • Players should no longer be able to clip through the hull of the Idris to steal it
  • The mission named ” A Very Difficult Task ” should no longer automatically complete when accepted
  • Players should now be able to set a route to the distress beacon on the first mission given to them by Recco Battaglia
  • Increased the pay-out to the intended amount of 45000 aUEC for successfully completing the Capture Arlington Gang Leader Maltrox Arlington mission.
  • When a second player arrives at the bounty location without the mission the objective marker should no longer read last known location for a brief moment
  • Fixed an issue causing more than intended reinforcements to sometimes spawn for easy bounty hunting missions
  • Fixed an issue where reinforcement ships on easy bounties could sometimes spawn harder than intended ships
  • Fixed an issue that made wheeled vehicles to easy to get stuck on their side.
  • The altitude ladder should now display correctly when approaching the surface of Delamar
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon raise not to work near objects while in EVA
  • Andromeda Landing gear deploy animation should now fully play
  • Players should now be able to use the interaction system to power on the Nox
  • Players should no longer be able to Duplicate Mined Gems Infinitely
  • Fixed an issue causing players to not be able to Exit Ground Vehicle Remote Turrets by using interaction mode
  • There should no longer be a chance that no audio or video will go through on a call from a player who is on a planet surface

I suggest that you get your ships and loadouts in order and get involved in the play test as your feedback and issue council reports along with stress testing the event will help make a difference to how the event evolves and catching more bugs. If all goes well expect to see it LIVE next week.

You’ll see what to do at 8pm GMT on Saturday if you are in the PTU and I hope to see you there!