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Star Citizen News – 24th January 2021

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the week ending the 24th January. This is a quick summary of the week’s news and events… 

Over the last week video wise boredgamer looked at the: 

The Daymar Rally and Fan Made Even Successes 

The Most Asked Star Citizen Questions 

New Gameplay Loops being worked on during 2021 

A Summary of the PU Monthly Report 

We had a video looking at Rivers and New Planetary Tools 

And 3.12.1 went to OPEN PTU, with an upcoming playtest 

We are just about to release a video on the Tobii Eye Tracker and the SQ42 Report! 

So check those out on my channel! 

This week’s sneak peek form the SC Newsletter looks to be probably a MOAB (Mother of all bombs) potentially for the Hercules A2 Bomber. 

3.12.1 is in Open PTU with a XenoThreat playtest at 8pm UTC for 3 hours on both Saturday and Sunday… and there is a load of major bug fixes in that patch too BUT also Delamar and it’s Landing Zone Levski have been removed from that Stanton System… and will return when the Nyx System is deployed… does this mean Nyx is closer than we think OR will the removal of Delamar lead to better servers in the short term? 

Inside Star Citizen this week looked at Work on Planetary Tools and Procedural River Tech… which I am very glad to see. They also talked about work going into improving Ship Combat throughout 2021. 

We had the Monthly Reports as well that had big updates to AI, Reputation, Planetary Tools as well as work towards 3.12.1 and 3.13. As well as Squadron 42 Feature Updates. 

Star Citizen Live: Character Team Q&A 

Beards will be a thing eventually for Character Customization. 

There is lots of work going into hair and hair styles for the future too… it sounds like their hair looks fabulous. 

Typically, new clothing is released for both male and female characters. 

They may have combat clothing in the future. 

You’ll see different armor and gear in the future for specific roles and tasks, from combat to stealth to survival to mining. 

They are not planning on adding children or elderly characters to the game. 

In fact, they are not currently working on aging characters either… beyond getting more injured and damaged when you “die” or are revived. 

Animals including the space cows are in active development. 

The Xi’An are making their way through development and they are even working on face rigging for them, though the Tevarin a way behind at the moment. 

There are rough plans for scars and tattoos. 

The Skull Holo Helmet still needs some more tech before it’s ready and is a priority currently. 

No nudity in Star Citizen! 

There were details of survey that Chair’s Club / Concierge backers filled in… it appeared they were largely interested in in-game items/rewards and access to purchasing ships… which makes sense as they are the sub-set of super backers that have spent over $1000 each but this also shows that the Concierge Forums aren’t really used that much by them either. 

They are re-working the monthly concierge newsletters and quarterly updates will now be on the Concierge Forums too with the first of these updates by the end of March. 

If any tangible news or sneak peeks is ever here, I will cover it. 

And that’s it for this week