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Star Citizen 3.12.1 XenoThreat Updates & Fleet Battles – TRY IT NOW!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we had the XenoThreat PlayTests over the weekend and there has already been various improvements and changes with a new 3.12.1e PTU Patch BUT also there was some more interesting fleet battles from the XenoThreat Tests on Sunday than I experienced on the Saturday. We will also look at what’s coming later this week.

Once the Javelin is stocked up with it’s cargo and is active… the main fleet battle against XenoThreat starts… in my rounds with them I only saw a small fleet and a single Idris BUT on Sunday people got a lot more variety and fun in those battles with XenoThreat having a larger fleet and 2 Idris coming at once sometimes another large wave with an additional 2 Idris. That along with the UEE Javelin broadsiding swaths of xenothreat ships and pummeling the Idrises is awesome. That’s what I want from a big event… big fleet battles.

And Cloud Imperium has XenoThreat PlayTests going on now on the latest 3.12.1e PTU Patch and they are looking for feedback on the XenoThreat Cargo Phase that patch has some much needed updates too:

  • They have Increased the monitored space around Jericho to reach out and cover the wreck site which is where a lot of the issues with PvPers was taking place… this should go at least some way to dealing with that… tho CI needs to decide is this a PvP event… if so account for it… if not then put (in game) systems in place that help enforce PvE.
  • They’ve Increased time it takes for Xenothreat mission phases to restart once completed
  • The Xenothreat rewards have been updated for the supply mission part. Player who turns in the supplies should now get 90 aUEC per turn-in while the rest of the amount goes into a general “Contribution Payout” bar for all players in a party who share the mission. So you’ll get some immediate reward and everyone will get a shared payout when the mission is complete.

There are some much needed Bug Fixes that were completed here too:

  • Players ship should no longer become clipped / stuck to the Starfarer Wrecks
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to QT to the wreck site.
  • Passive Scanning should no longer loop repeatedly when mining
  • Talon Shrike should no longer become unable to fire missiles
  • Fixed an issue causing the player do not be given a mission progression counter when they arrive at a Claimjumper mission.
  • Duplicate, despawned Derelicts from a previous Xenothreat mission on a server should no longer respawn when a new instance of the mission is started.
  • Time sensitive crates should no longer be able to be sold at Jericho trade terminals when they have Expired.
  • Damaged cargo crates should no longer be able to be sold at trade terminals
  • The Goodbye/Exit Screen when Closing a Refinery Terminal should now display correctly
  • Player attacks on the Javelin should no longer cause a Voice line to play that misleads other players
  • Fixed 2 Client crashes & 2 Server crashes
  • Backend shop service optimizations

The Stability for me has been pretty good, though I am hoping that CI can get some more solid client performance on the go, my frame rates are pretty low.

There are still some other known major issues:

  • Some of a player’s items that should be kept after a Character reset are lost
  • Attempting to sell minerals in Prison can fail
  • Unable to access mobiGlas after changing armour
  • Leg armor causes the player to respawn in prison with a broken multi-tool… tho as someone on reddit suggested a work around is taking your trousers off just before getting arrested… hmmm…
  • Interacting with a Cargo Crate shelf can Open/Close the adjacent shelf
  • Incorrect animation while holding damaged QT sensitive cargo crate
  • Armistice Zone may cause crimestat for Defenders
  • AI ships can just vanish when they are meant to Quantum jump away.
  • Ships can become Unresponsive after Mining a Asteroid FPS Deposit nearby.

Once CI have refined the XenoThreat Event and got a few more bug fixes in that 3.12.1 patch I would expect it to go live… that would be within the next couple of weeks based on how that goes.

For the rest of This Week In Star Citizen

Tuesday has a New Galactapedia Update.

Wednesday we have a Roadmap Update that should give us more details of plans throughout 2021 including some bits for the Q2, Q3 & Q4 Patches. We should also see what the core tech & downstream teams are working on… this is incredibly important for me as I base a lot of content on what’s being worked on… on the Roadmap!

On Thursday, Inside Star Citizen takes a look at the creation of logos and a Sprint Report which are typically my favorite as they show lots of different juicy development pieces from new tech, locations, ships and more that are being worked on…

On Friday we have Star Citizen Live (tho we don’t have details of the topic or time yet).

There will be a new issue of Jump Point for RSI Subs as well as the usual Newsletter for everyone.

And that’s it for today…