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THE BIGGEST Star Citizen ROADMAP UPDATE – Salvage, Redeemer, Homes AND Loads More New FEATURES!

A MASSIVE Star Citizen Roadmap Update has just gone up and we have details of some of the plans for the 4 major patches for 2021 from Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 – 3.16 I want to summarize what’s in those updates and what we can expect.

The Features that we are going to talk about are Tentative they have not been confirmed and may shift around on the Roadmap, roughly Cloud Imperium implied that it’s around a 70% confidence for each of these features… however they might move!

Alpha 3.13 added the Nova Tank as well as Spawn Closets that allow FPS NPCs to spawn and despawn and Object Push and Pull for moving larger items and cargo. 

This is in addition to what we already knew, Ship to Station Docking, Surrendering, Missile Improvements, Consetllation Snub Docking, Ship & Vehicle Visual Degradation, Ship Names, deeper force reactions and staggers, Mounted Guns, Refinery Improvements, Stanton System Polish, New Asteroids, Cave Improvements AND the Hercules C2 & M2 Starlifer (tho they are supposed to be in a 3.13.x patch not the initial release)

Alpha 3.14 is planned for LIVE around then end of June 2021 and with it has:

  • Crusader as a proper gas giant & the first version of Orison it’s Landing Zone
  • Hacking with a mini-game
  • Radar & Scanning updates including support for greater distances & environmental dampening of signatures as well as FPS gameplay and a more refined ping system.
  • Physical Inventory which will have you really considering your loadout and where your assets are. However this isn’t the full storage feature and more is planned for the Q4 patch.
  • Healing & Medical Gameplay also the ability to heal other players and NPCs.
  • Weapon Charge/Drain T0
  • Finally the RSI Constellation Taurus
  • Shield Systems Tech Replacement this is SDF tech but also with dynamically contoured shields that change color based on damage to that area.
  • Migrating Legacy Vehicle XMLs to Datacore – This is general optimization.
  • Vehicle Module Swapping… the ability to swap whole rooms and large modules in ships starting with the Retailiator at least.


  • Small Home – Outpost – Colonialism said to be for AI to live in. They consist of a central hub and a few optional internal and external modules. They provide the basic necessities to support a small group of people for an indefinite amount of time. It’s suspected that this is a step towards player bases.
  • Salvage T0 – the initial implementation of salvage gameplay and missions.
  • Player Interaction Experience with updates to Player status, item status, environment status, as well as interactions with objects.
  • Zero-G Push & Pull as well as updates to EVA with limited fuel.
  • Magazine Stripping / Refilling…basically taking ammo and magazines from bodies. 
  • Cutting T0 – adding the ability for the multitool module to freeform cut certain surfaces.
  • Bombs and Space Mines – Players will have the ability to drop powerful bombs over targets in atmosphere from ships. In space, players in certain ships will gain the ability to release space mines in a coordinated fashion, in an attempt to trap and capture.
  • Crusader Ares Starfighter Inferno & Ion as well as 
  • A2 Hercules Starlifter AND even the Aegis Redeemer Gunship
  • Ship Interior/Exterior Culling further optimizing the game and not rendering what can’t be seen.


  • Orison v2 adding more shops and expanding various services around the city.
  • Functional Fire Extinguishers
  • Lockers & Inventory which  introduces a consistent way to store clothes, armor, and items in a physicalized state. Also includes a more robust and tactile method of storing items on shelves and attachment surfaces. This builds on the Personal Inventory, expanding the inventory UI to include lockers.
  • Physicalized Weapon Handling & Customization
  • Better Ladders and movement on them and the ability to shoot or use items while on them.
  • Improvements to Prone Movement
  • Player Slide you know like in Apex… well it’s very short distances in SC it seems.
  • Weapon Misfire. Malfunctions & Wear
  • Adding Ship Shield-Emitters as physical destroyable objects on ships and vehicles.
  • Origin M50 Engine Swapping… this seems to be the start of changing out whole engines in ships.
  • Dynamic Door Alignment doors and elevators across all ships will dynamically adjust to the terrain below them.

These features are not exhaustive and others will turn up and be added to the roadmap in the future.

CI have said they are not ruling Pyro & Server Meshing out this year yet… also iCache is kind of now part of a wider Persistent Streaming & Server Meshing Feature which is getting worked on throughout the year BUT we should still see iCache improvements later in the year.

CI are going to be updating the roadmap every 2 weeks on a Wednesday.