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Star Citizen 3.12.1 is More XenoThreat Testing Required?

There is a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1g PTU Patch… this patch seems pretty stable and my frame rate is up somewhat as well. The patch notes are pretty brief:

  • Moved exit interaction location on Retaliator bunk beds to make it more easily found
  • PVP and PVE bounty missions will now fail for the hunter if they are killed by the bounty… this is much better in terms of risk/reward and will actually have bounties trying to fight their hunters more readily.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Prison kiosks to give a transaction failed message when selling minerals
  • Fixed 2 Server crashes
  • Main thread deadlock fix

And this now leaves only a few Known Issues

  • Pressing F4 while in a vehicle will reset the Global Chat and the chat history for the Visor UI.
  • Some or all of the player’s items that should be kept after a Character / Database reset are lost
  • Player Unable to access mobiGlas after changing armour
  • Being arrested while wearing leg armor causes the player to respawn in prison with a broken multi-tool
  • The Players Ship can become Unresponsive after Mining a Asteroid FPS Deposit nearby

I haven’t been able to test Desync around the XenoThreat Missions as there doesn’t appear to be any testing of that currently. In the previous patch they were testing a fireworks victory display at Jericho.

I would expect CI to do another round of testing with the XenoThreat Missions HOWEVER it’s possible that they had got all the data they needed already.

Once they have “finished” the bugs they want to fix from that known issue list and are happy with performance then I think it’s ready for a LIVE deployment BUT that will depend as I said on if they are done with XenoThreat Testing.

I want to see the fleet battle phase tested more personally BUT for CI I suspect it’s the cargo phase they want to get.

Also in some other news, Tony Z is going to be talking about Dynamic Events like this on Friday 29th January at 6pm UTC on the Star Citizen Twitch Channel, we should hopefully get some more details of future events that are planned too!