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Star Citizen Ship Updates – Redeemer, Tonk & Hercules

Hey you… you want ship updates? I got your ship updates right here! Welcome to some more Star Citizen. We have had a Inside Star Citizen that I want to summarize but I thought I’d focus on some ship updates too.

The WhiteBox Exterior and Interior of the Nova Tank or Tonk are being fleshed out, currently it’s pegged for the 3.13 patch (Q1 2021). It’s pretty big and is expected to change up ground combat a bit as well as being an important vehicle in ToW Theatres of War.

They have been working on the interior lighting for the Hercules C2 Starlifter. Each area of the ship requires 3 lighting states for emergency, auxiliary and default. And we can see some of the various rooms in the ship. We are expecting the C2 and M2 as part of a 3.13.x build NOT the initial launch of 3.13 . Also the A2 bomber vairant along with bomb (and mine) gameplay is planned for 3.15 (Q3 2021)

The Redeemer is in whitebox and actively being developed for 3.15 currently. They are reworking the innerspaces… because the ship has been entirely reworked from it’s original design in 2014. They are further tweaking the outside to make sure its all modernized while retaining it’s original flavor while also being much more of a Gunship.

We also have the Ares Ion and Inferno Starfighters planned for 3.15 as well… these don’t appear to be in active development currently tho.

Falling in between those 2 patches actually for Q2 2021 and the 3.14 patch currently is the Constellation Taurus… this is the cargo variant of the Constellation and it has been long yo-yo-ing from being actively developed to being halted as other priorities come up. 

There are other ships some of which are unannounced that CI are working on that we should see more details on throughout the year too!

There was a load more updates from the Inside Star Citizen as well:

Station Docking work has moved from whitebox to greybox building it out in more detail. They are including skylights and working out where exactly they want to place these docking areas on Stations.They showed a couple of Javelins docked with these too. This should also be in the 3.13 patch.

SPACE WHALES! Well the statue in Orison of one is being integrated into engine and they will then workout what materials they want to make it ot of… I would assume will will see this in the 1st version of Orion planned for 3.14.

They are updating and improving “Respawn” Screens… so these will give you a little more context of where you are respawning and why and be less jarring.

Spawn in a Prison… it might give you details of why you are there and the amount of time it will take to get out.

Colonial Homesteads have made progress.

They showed cooling stations for “server racks”, powerplants with lots of addons, connected fuel tank arrays, solar panels, refinery units AND outdoor storage yards… which had large cargo containers, material silos, liquid silos, gas canisters and storage racks…

We know that this is all likely not just additional POI in game but also steps towards Player Bases in the future and it is expected that these will be treated in a similar way to vehicles… they need power… but you can probably make use of refineries and have mines or other resource exploitation and potentially crafting… there is a lot of potentials in bases and I am looking forward to what CI come up with in the future… as I said this is steps towards it BUT these Colonial Outposts are more POI and for frontier towns in the short-medium term at least as they are currently planned for 3.15 later this year!

Logos & Brands were also talked about… it’s a big part of the world building in SC AND THERE ARE MANY! In cities everywhere you look is a brand.

When designing a logo they have a brief and then design some ideas around that and then produce some concepts.

They are building a logo for the Voyager bar… the bar is already in game tho so adding the logo set to that will be interesting.

Gino’s Hot Birds… a delicious chicken restaurant was another logo they focused on.

And that’s it for a ship update and isc summary, 2021 is shaping up to have some pretty solid content BUT it depends on what actually makes it in game and how it’s implemented along with how stable the servers are that will make Star Citizen fun and playable OR not…