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The Future of Star Citizen’s Dynamic Events


Hello & Welcome we have a summary of Tony Zurivoch Talking about Dynamic Missions, Events, Tech Behind them, how they will be applied to the game and updates to the Quantum System. There is some weekly news too with more 3.12.1 playtesting too. 

SCLive had Tony Z talking about Dynamic Missions. 

The Major events had a lot of players getting involved. 

The tech from the XenoThreat Dynamic events is steps towards the dynamic universe sim and lots of events that can both be manually triggered OR triggered based on missions / objectives / or some metric being reached. This is part of the core dynamic universe simulation and quantum… but they can build onto and be influenced by other events too. 

They basically want short story experiences and events that open up in certain areas at certain times that players can get involved with and they will be adding to these over the year beyond just XenoThreat. 

The work that has gone into XenoThreat is of major importance to the future of the game AND has given designers the tools to build more events. 

In the future events will affect other portions of the quantum system… win and that will do X… lose… that will do Y and maybe there are more Pirates in the System. 

Some of these Missions will escalate or have different paths based on how you performed in different phases of them AND other missions/factors might have contributed to them too. 

Performance is an issue with XenoTheat and they have been making optimizations, it’s the most concurrent AI and “moving parts” in a single area to date…  

BUT want Server Meshing as this should help be able to support many events and happenings without performance issues! 

The Environment, Missions, Dynamic Events and a whole host of other factors will come together to fill a Star System with appropriate encounters and missions that will change over time and for each given instance AND it will all make logical sense. Miners on their way to get ore will be empty… but full on their way back. These missions and systems will be added to the game and stacked onto one other when they are done. 

The Quantum System is being worked on and has more parts to it now than the Demo they showed at citizencon 2019. They are going to try to have a more up to date presentation on the Quantum System later in the year. They are starting to hook it up to their backend services. 

Tony said there was going to be a NineTails Lockdown Event coming in the future. 

They want 8+ Dynamic Events this year… Fleet Week will be another one for example. 

These events can be both big and small! 

Events can be PvP oriented too tho there isn’t a way to side with XenoThreat at this stage… They do want to include most people in future events in some way.  

Prison escapes are going to become more indepth and complex in the future. 

This week ISC looked at logos but also a sprint report where we saw updates to the work going into Redeemer, Hercules, Nova Tank, Ship to Station Docking and Colonial Outposts. Next week’s ISC is going to be about capital ship AI. 

The Sneak Peek this week appears to be that of a Space Whale Statue that should be seen at Orison that was also shown off in ISC! 

There is another new 3.12.1 Patch i on the Open PTU and they are doing a full XenoThreat Playtest over the weekend 8pm – 11pm Saturday and Sunday. 

The PTU Patch is just Bug Fixes this time but looks to leave the game in a very good state! 

  • Chat order should no longer become reversed by going into MG while not in a vehicle or 3rd person view while in a vehicle 
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to not be able to restock 
  • Vehicle damage charges should no longer be given to the wrong player when two ships collide 
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get a broken multi-tool if they are sent to prision while wearing leg armor. 
  • The C-788 cannon should now correctly deal damage against friendly targets 
  • Fixed an issue causing defensive turrets to sometimes be missing from locations 
  • Dulli’s fleeing VO should no longer appear when arriving at the wrecksite 
  • Fixed 1 Client crash 

This has only 2 Known Issues… I haven’t actually checked if all the major bugs have been fixed… but that is pretty good news if accurate! This just leaves: 

  • Some or all of the player’s items that should be kept after a Character / Database reset are lost 
  • The Players Ship can become Unresponsive after Mining an Asteroid FPS Deposit nearby 

Expect to see the Live build for 3.12.1 by next weekend if not earlier! 

We did have the new Roadmap Updates earlier this week and if you’d like to see what’s new in them and the patches planned throughout this year then please check out the videos covering that on my channel! 

And that’s it for this week for the Star Citizen News. Are you excited for the XenoThreat Events and the future of Dynamic Events? Are you going to be participating in the Playtests this weekend?