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Star Citizen Is About To Get More Game | BoredGamer Update February 2021

Welcome to a Star Citizen February Update for BoredGamer… looking at what we have coming up this month… in terms of content plans and official Star Citizen Releases and Videos:

For February we are giving away a Mercury Star Runner, this is my favorite ship in star citizen at the moment, it’s a great group multirole ship that lets you taste a little bit of all the content the game has to offer and is able to get involved with the XenoThreat missions doing both the Cargo Hauling and main combat sections of that event… whatever takes your fancy. 

And that’s the main thing we have to look forward to, coming out real soon to the LIVE build is Alpha 3.12.1 & XenoThreat…

The Alpha 3.12.1 patch addresses a LOT of really annoying bugs that Star Citizen has. It’s not perfect BUT it is a lot better. Along with this XenoThreat… this is a multi-stage mission on the largest scale that SC has seen to date. The whole server can get involved in this mission at whatever stage it is at. And goes through clearing out a gas cloud and wreckage site of pirates, hauling cargo from wrecks to a nearby military outpost to restock a UEE Javelin, repel-ing fleet and capital ship attacks, then attacking the XenoThreat Fleet… it’s pretty good fun and the first tailored “fleet battle” we have had in game with Capital Ships.

This is just one of the Events this year and they said they were working on between 8-10 for the year… so that’s pretty exciting to me… with the Ninetails Lockdown being mentioned. 

In fact for me, for Star Citizen to meet it’s “Playable” Alpha State I think Events and large scale missions you can jump in with and help out with are EXACTLY what the game needs.

Now just add some ground based or even space station DEFEND these from waves of attacks or hold them and do some minigames to make money type gameplay too.

Standard Coverage

We have the New Roadmap offerings providing Updates every 2 weeks on a Wednesday so Feb 10th should be the next one.

Each week we will be covering ISC and SCL, we know that this week’s ISC is looking at Capital Ship AI.

But we should start seeing a lot more of 3.13 content for that Q1 patch from Improvements to the Stanton System to Spawn Closets that allow FPS AI to spawn and Despawn more appropriately to how the New Ship Names will work to ship to station docking as well as the regular updates I would expect on the Hercules Starlifter and Nova Tonk.

Within the next couple of weeks we can expect to see the Monthly Report’s for both the PU and Squadron 42.

Typically a Valentines Ship Sale (around the 14th Feb)… they have previously sold the Hornet Loadout variant the HeartSeeker as well as ships in Red OR ships that 2 people can pilot together.

There are rumors of potential concept or straight to flyable ships… the 400i being one talked about a lot… we just don’t have any confirmations tho. We do know that CI are working on various other unannounced ships and we are expecting a Xi’An Cargo Ship as well as a Mobile Refinery among others at some point.

BoredGamer Content

BoredGamer will be covering and summarizing everything as usual along with a weekly roundup of everything.

There will be a lot of involvement in XenoThreat Gameplay, we’ll do an updated guide to the event too when we have finalized numbers for things.

Expect deep dives into various features that are on the Roadmap for 2021 and any hot topics that come up.

We Stream at least twice a week usually on Monday and Friday starting around 3pm UTC… these are pretty chatty streams where I answer as many questions as I can… zin also joins in too.

I want to cover PvP this month with a bit of a What it’s supposed to provide the SC Universe, what content is there for that now, problems with that in game, peoples views on PvP, how griefers can ruin things, in game systems that need to be in place and how all of this affects PvE players.

Zin should be putting together our first community Event this month… more on that once we have organized it… get involved on the for that… it will be something xenothreaty i suspect…

ACTUALLY A WORD FROM ZIN should be part of these monthly updates… What are you looking forward to this month zin?

Also if you guys have any ideas on what videos you’d like to see OR even editing ideas… be they spinning dogeheads or chris roberts animated or little gifs of ships flying around… then please share.

Especially if there are any features you want a deep dive in OR guides you’d like to see PLEASE TELL US!

I am hoping that my CPU & GPU actually arrive this month… I ordered them Oct/Nov 2020… and they have still not turned up! GRRR! BUT I’ll be building that PC as soon as possible and doing a video on that too! Zin’s getting my hand me down hardware so it’s an upgrade for all of us… the plan being we have 4k good framerate footage and our videos will be true 4k on the youtube! We are also buying some new Harddrives for this very purpose too, thanks to all those that helped with donations and super chats on the LiveStreams!

I wanted to more actively promote Youtube Memberships with the Join Button and Patreons… CoronaVirus and generally the start of a year has seen YT ad revenue drop massively so the support we receive from those even if it’s just a couple of $ or £ or whatever MASSIVELY helps!

Hopefully February will see a more solid plan for the future when it comes to coming out of Lockdown and the CornaVirus, I want to be able to leave the house BUT I also want to go on a Studio Tour in Star Citizen’s Manchester/WIlmslow Office… it would also be great to see a CitizenCon this year… I had originally suspected that it was going to be first half of 2021 when CCon 2020 was cancelled that’s obviously wrong as well now BUT just announcing a CCon 2021 for the end of the year… that would be pretty sweet, so hopefully the vaccines and all that jazz will lead to something similar to normality… or how normality used to be anyway. 

My dad is doing really well at the moment and we feel extremely lucky that his targeted treatment seems to be working! Thank you for all the kind words and support over the last 10 or so months.

I am suffering a little from anxiety at the moment… about random things… that change everyday and it’s affecting my sleep… this is from health issues… to financial issues to being worried about my cat… and a lot of the time doesn’t have much logical reason behind it… it will pass in a few days and I am very lucky that my depression and anxiety is super manageable… it’s just tiring more than anything… but other people are not so lucky… but please reachout to someone if you think they are struggling, or even just to say hi, or if you are struggling TELL SOMEONE… no shame in it!

I play a lot of games… get involved with a Star Citizen Org and talk on comms… that’s socializing for me nowadays… with that in mind I REALLY REALLY need to bring back the Org Spotlight Series! I recently played with the Org Vanguard they were doing a social tour of Stanton and seeing the sights… as well as knife fighting and Synchronizers have been inviting me and zin along for various events so thanks to you guys and gals for that!