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Star Citizen – XenoThreat is a LIMITED TIME Event – YOU CANT GO BACK!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News for the weekending the 7th of February 2021. If you want more details on any of the news we talk about here, checkout my channel for a deeper breakdown of each!

Newsletter – This Week’s Sneak Peek was of Orison and a look at it’s underside… this is work towards that new floating City and Landing Zone of Crusader the Gas Giant that should be no longer a place holder in 3.14 later this year.


Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 Live came out this week was a huge amount of fixes for some of the games most annoying issues… and it’s a very very good patch imo when it comes to stability and accessibility.

The New XenoThreat Event is on as well! It’s going on in phases that each last for a few days… Phase 1 was just preparation and nothing happened… phase 2 is the cargo/rearm the javelin phase and that is currently on going… it should move onto phase 3 next week.

I was originally expecting all the phases to be played out immediately after one another BUT that is not the case.

Just so people are fully aware CI plan to have events like this in LIVE that are limited time events and they might have very similar ones in the future BUT they are unlikely to have EXACTLY the same event again… though they have 100% ruled that out it does seem to be the intention.

Let Me read you what Zyloh Said in response to phases/events being limited time:

“My comment above about previous phases being history was specifically in reference to us not repeating phases during an active event.

Is it possible this specific dynamic event happens again? Possibly. We’re not ruling it out, but I wouldn’t expect to play an event on repeat.

I totally understand that some folks don’t want to see this event end/go away… and that’s good, because there’s many more events to come, and they’re only going to get better as we take on feedback, optimize, and continue development.”

There are many more events to come and it’s worth getting involved in XenoThreat and it’s current phase to avoid missing out… and maybe FOMO gameplay is part of what they want to capture too BUT it’s actually quite smart of CI as they evolve their game and get better at making events and get more assets they can keep doing more and more… and it also gets people playing.

Inside Star Citizen looked at Capital Ship AI as well as the New SDF Shields which are being added to the game as we speak!

Capital Ships are massive and cool AND they spent a lot of time getting them balanced for the XenoThreat Event and future events like the Nine Tails Lockdown which will be coming in the future, it is a ways out before players will be able to crew their own Javelins and Idris tho! 

They specifically have turrets and guns on these ships target multiple ships rather than overly focus firing on one ship constantly… this was to try and make the battles more fun they do actively target torps and bombers too.

The Idris tries to railgun larger targets, the Javelin try to keep enemies in it’s broadsides.

The New SDF shields wrap around a ship more appropriately to fit it’s form including if bits have been shot off with a detailed mesh and it looks cool, the change color as the shield takes damage to show visually how much damage has been done. This should entirely solve issues with shield holes too.

SCLive talked about Weapon Props and FPS Gear. They are working on a medical attachment for the multi tool as well as standalone medical tool that will allow for some more expanded medical gameplay and treatments.

They have been working on getting the wear tech in as well and that is moving forward and may be released at the same time as the medical tool.

Alien FPS Weapons will start to be added to the game once the main set of human facing weapons in completed.

We will see FPS Weapon Customization and Paints. More less than lethal weapons are planned. 

Fire extinguishers are mostly completed already and part of damage control gameplay.

There is a military and combat ship sale going on at the moment as part of the XenoThreat Event so you can grab an Arrow, Gladius, Buccaneer, Gladiator, Sabre, Cutlass Blue, Super Hornet,,Retaliator, Eclipse AND the Vanguard – Warden, Sentinel and Harbinger… You can get them all in game as well!

The RSI Sub Flair this month is of some futuristic Samurai / Oni / Ogre Helmets in Red, White and Green. All RSI subs have access to the Nomad throughout the month too.
And that’s it for this week’s news!