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Star Citizen CitizenCon 2021 Rumors & What To Expect!

Star Citizen didn’t have a CitizenCon in 2020… as a global pandemic got in the way… and we were keenly hoping that 2021 would be better AND There appears to be the potential for a CitizenCon 2021… in August. 

There is a listing for CitizenCon on 7th August in the Los Angeles Convention Centre in California… now this is not a confirmation but it was an interesting thing.

I Cannot confirm that this is even 100% an event that CI has organized, it could be a mistake, fake or something currently in negotiation.

However it does look like we will be getting out of lockdown this year!

Is it possible we could see 2 events in 2021 with a CitizenCon and maybe a Birthday Event around the 10th of October… yes that’s extremely likely. Tho more likely that the Birthday Event if they have one will be entirely online.

So what could we expect from a CitizenCon this year… well quite a lot BUT please bare in mind what we are about to talk about IS NOT A CONFIRMATION.

Even if some of these predictions are accurate to SCs targets at this time… we happen to know that CI have been known to add, cut or change presentations literally the day before the event HOWEVER we can talk about expectations and what is historically been done along with what current targets are.

There is a Physical Event with CitizenCon For those at the event CI do like to make stuff a little RP. Themed bars, stalls, actors, shops and food vendors

Expect CI to request Orgs AND appropriate businesses to apply to be part of the show.

People like GameGlass, My Radar……..

There is a stage where there are presentations, devs and fans walking around and some cool things to see!

It should all be online to view for free both as a livestream and then a variety of videos after the event. 2019 was an all day broadcast and event BUT I would expect longer lasting in game bit going on too.

CI alway have a Digital Goodies Pack that contains some in game clothing, weapons, flair and maybe trophy bits… these are typically given to anyone that has an event ticket to actually go to the LIVE event but also you can purchase them separately to “help support” the event. They have historically ranged from $5-15.

Expect to see some interviews with various devs and Chris Roberts telling us about where we are in terms of a wider roadmap, plans for the future and pillars of the game. This can be pretty informative and along with a major gameplay demo this can be a highlight of the whole event.

Presentations are a mainstay of CitizenCon… a selection of around an hour long Q&A/SlideShows AND gameplay showing off the latest cool things…

New Planetary Tech, New Gameplay, how things work be they tech, tools or plans for features.

Almost Certainly an Update Dynamic Universe Quantum Sim, Tony Z mentioned they were working on something to show later this year AND this is likely what he was referencing imo.

We are likely going to see a presentation that talks about Ships in Concept (in 2019 they showed off the ROC, Talon, as well as a Xi’An Cargo Ship and Mobile Refinery (some people actually suggested that the Nomad might of been what the Xi’An Cargo Ship became).

Almost certainly there will be Ship Sales… it makes sense… We are likely to see a mix of Straight to Flyable Vehicles / Ships and Concepts too OR at least a couple.

That mobile refinery, Xi’An Cargo Ship BUT also things like Titan Suits

I suspect there is a slew of other ships that CI have planned in the works too.

An In Game Event… we know that CI want to have 8-10 in game events this year as part of their new dynamic missions.

Expect lots of cool stuff to look at in game, expo halls, ships on parade, that sort of thing!

We could have some more tangible in depth missions too… BUT I would expect CI to start running CitizenCon in parallel in game as well as a live event!

New Gameplay Presentation (2019 saw microTech/New Babbage Mission, Jump Points & Pyro)… We know CI want to be pushing Pyro & other new star systems. BUT also it’s likely they will show off some near future Gameplay that is built into a bespoke demo mission showing off things like Salvage, Damage Control, new stanton locations and homesteads, maybe some partly completed capital ships or ships that are coming like the Ares, A2, Redeemer, physicalized components, Salvage, Bombs and Mines, New EVA Gameplay… 

They typically have some pretty impressively looking tech and surprises too.

Theatres Of War is something CI want to prove has made progress… they ran a little LAN version of it at CitizenCon 2019. This might solve a lot of the network issues I assume that it may be having. It’s very possible we might see this demo and even playable AT THE ACTUAL CitizenCon Event.

Something I thought we were going to start to see in earnest in 2020’s CitizenCon was a Squadron 42 Marketing Campaign… I would bet on this being part of CitizenCon this year.

It makes sense to me that they will want to start building hype the problem is CI are very tight lipped about SQ42… we know it’s not likely out before 2022 but that’s about it… 

We do know it’s done when it’s done, they are closing it out AND they do want some traditional advertising for the game… I am very interested in knowing what you think on that tho!

I hope we get all of that and more for CitizenCon! And as we know more we will cover it!

If they do plan to have this event in August THEN I suspect they would announce it relatively soon HOWEVER it’s quite possible it’s a provisional booking based on whether the world is less locked down!