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Star Citizen February FRENZY – FREE FLY Starts 15th Feb – Red Festival

There is Even more Happening in February… with a Star Citizen FreeFly Frenzy and the Red Festival among other things!

There is a Free Fly Event from the 15th of February to the 25th.

This means anyone can try Star Citizen for free during that time… they just need to make a Star Citizen account. ALSO there should be some ships that EVERYONE gets access to at that time to try too. It’s awesome because this should mean that players can get involved in some of the XenoThreat Fleet battles and try out the latest Star Citizen offerings!

I was hoping a freefly would happen for this AND it has… let’s hope that Star Citizen’s Servers to keep up with the amount of player traffic.

XenoThreat should be moving on from Phase 2 and beyond over the coming days.

The RED FESTIVAL is about to Start… Red envelopes have been hidden around the major hubs throughout the ‘verse. Hunt them down to ensure good fortune as we look to celebrate the Year of the Ram in-game at the 2951 Red Festival. That’s not all though, but you’ll have to wait for the event to start for more details… They should be worth some in game aUEC and potentially there could be rewards in the forms of skins or flair items too.

Later this month there will be a 3.12 Post Mortem, going over the additions, improvements, failures and lessons learned for 3.12 and what’s likely coming up next.

Not only will there be a post mortem for that BUT also for XenoThreat, that will look at the event, it’s phases, tech and how it all played out in detail and what they can do better for the next one as well as an infographic and some interesting stats… hopefully we will get some info on future events… with the next one WHICH is likely going to be the 9 Tails Lockdown… OR Fleet Week. CI are requesting feedback on the XenoThreat event to help with this post mortem as well.

There is another community race event The Stanton 7, similar to the Daymar Rally but with a series of smaller races in the form of a League starting February 27 and going on until the 5th of June… if you are interested in know more I’ll link their website down below.

There is something happening for Coramor, this is on the 11th of February but is effectively Valentines in Star Citizen… tho it’s a little more tragic in lore as it’s based on a story of lovers separated by a Jump Point Collapse… (this was then turned into a film in the lore) The colors pink and black are associated with the event too as they are the livery of one of the lovers ship. Expect to see ships and skins available associated with this!

There is even more happening this week… and I did a video earlier going over all that too LINKED below.

But what do you think we will see from Phase 3 of XenoThreat any surprises?

Are you looking forward to the Red Festival OR the Free Fly… I always like a good free fly! 

Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.