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Welcome to some more Star Citizen, we have TRIPLE Trouble… with 3 events happening all at once… Lunar New Year, Coramor and XenoThreat… so Ship Sales and New in Game Missions! 

XenoThreat Phase 3 is Here this has you getting involved in a Fleet Battle with Idris and lots of ships as well as the mighty Javelin. We had a bit of a pain getting on a server that had this mission on it tho… as it can be completed rather quickly it seems.

You’ll want to be near Jericho Station again which is close to MicroTech if you want to get involved in that. Lots of Fleety PEW PEW.

Lunar New Year brings hidden red envelopes all over major hubs and LZings in the game… find them and sell them at a kiosk to earn some monies.

On the Website there are Ships in New Red & Gold Skins available as well as those skins available separately too. It’s for the Nomad and the Freelancer Range… you can pickup those ships from the website too if you are so inclined.

BUT also the M50, Caterpillar and Khartu-Al are also on sale because they were Red anyway.

There are a couple of Warbond Discounted Ship Upgrades available The Freelancer MIS and Cutlass Red too.

CI have said that the Hercules Starlifter is going to be going up in price in the near future and you are able to grab one of these ships for the last time at their “lower” price now.

The Lunar Festival is on until the 26th of February.

BUT THERE IS MORE! For Valentines day or Coramor in game there are a series of 2 person ships for sale… the 85x, Anvil Hurricane, Reliant Series as well as the more limited Super Hornet HearSeeker Loadout Variant… other than the 85x those ships are also available as warbond upgrades as well at a discount and are available until the 16th of February.

We know a Free Fly Event is incoming as well. I believe it starts on the 15th February.