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Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I was literally going to release a video saying that XenoThreat looks like it’s wrapping up and to get involved before it does BUT it’s already over… so let’s talk about that quickly.

XenoThreat Phase 3 was the Fleet Battle Phase of the Event…

You go to Jericho, well a nearby location, near a gas cloud again and do battle with an Idris and the XenoThreat Fleet… it’s actually pretty fun, loads of ships flying around and can typically take anywhere from 10 – 20 mins to complete I’d say on average… you could certainly speed run it tho and it’s going to vary in time MASSIVELY based on the amount of players that are doing the mission… again, anyone can get involved with helping and you get payouts for participating in the combat.

The first Idris can take a while to take down and then 2 additional ones spawn

And the UEE Navy Javelin might come in to help you deal with them.

But with a few people focus firing on the Javelins and some dealing with the other ships and hammerheads that XenoThreat will throw at you it’s a pretty fun experience that I’d say isn’t too hard for people to get involved with… BUT There are Issues with it…

The event can be over pretty quickly and if you are server hopping to try and get it you might be jumping around for a while… In fact the day it went live I rage quick after an around 30 mins of trying to get into a server with the mission in.

However if you joined as a group into a server, you’d get a fresh server most likely, and that would mean the mission is generated as you spawn… awesome.

The best experience we had of this was playing with synchronizers…

Engaging the Fleet as well as PvPers that had turned up… in this particular phase where it’s focused combat I am much more into PvPers getting involved… they can’t ruin the event easily and you can deal with them much more easily then in Phase 2, the cargo phase, where they might turn up and quickly blow up a cargo ship before getting away and telling you to get gud.

So my personal experience in Phase 3 with PvPers and when playing with an Org was pretty good… I suspect there are some horror stories out there tho… 

In fact we were able to complete the mission and it felt like more of an accomplishment because of the added threat.

That said there were issues with when attacking a PvPer that sometimes you’d get a criminal rating… which hardly seems fair BUT we know that CI are working on making the Law System more robust and less buggy.

Sync did bring their own Idris to the Fight as well… someone had stolen one and it was fun to see it join in the fight on the side of the UEE.

I think the main issue with the event is that it was too quick and it’s over… It was over REALLY quickly. I think it was in testing longer that it was LIVE… it was certainly delayed MUCH MUCH longer than it was live!

And maybe it’s because there is just about to be a FreeFly BUT I would of thought, that showing off these fleet battles and new players being able to fight XenoThreat would of been a great idea… maybe CI have some other cool plans coming up BUT it feels like they missed the mark to me. XenoThreat should of gone on until the end of Feb imo.

It is all lesions learned tho, events will be shaped based on metrics and feedback from this event.

Whether you were already bored of the event, had terrible times with PvPers, are a PvPer yourself and want to get more tangibly involved in events or even if you just thought it was too short, we can expect the next event to be better.

Thats the other thing actually… Phase 2 and 3… are the only real phases here… really it’s a 2 part mission… kinda… and the parts are only narratively connected… they don’t affect each other. Some more simple, fun, repetitive gameplay would of been good too… just protecting the Javelin in dock as XenoThreat keeps on assaulting OR a station something like that… that would be cool for another week!

XenoThreat was a flash in the pan… BUT a pretty fun one.