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Star Citizen February Free Fly Now Live!

The Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 Assault on Stanton Free Fly is now LIVE.
It’s on until 11:59pm UTC of February 25th…

You can Try Star Citizen for free during this time, just make an account (use the code to enlist and get some bonuses) or use a friend.

Then go to the FreeFly Page again linked below and enter the code GETINTOTHEVERSE 

This will then let you download the game as well.

During that time everyone that enters the Free Fly Code (be you a new player or not) will be given access to a variety of ships to use for free…

The Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha, Arrow Light Fighter, Prospector Mining Ship, Freelancer and Space Bike Dragonfly.

If you are looking for a tutorial WELL I have several on my channel, Start Here Star Citizen should take you though your first hour or so of play and show you all you need to know.

There is also the Welcome HUB that will help you find the information you need!


There are a variety of Discounted Starter Packages (basically a game package with a ship) you can grab the Mustang Alpha, Aurora MR, Arrow or Freelancer as part of that “deal”.