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This Week in Star Citizen – 21st February 2021

Welcome to This Week in Star Citizen going over a summary of what’s coming up this week ending the 21st February 2021.

Firstly CI had some bits to say on XenoThreat:

“Congratulations on thwarting the XenoThreat invasion. You all did great successfully defending the Stanton system during our first-ever Dynamic Event. We had a blast (no pun intended) watching you all team up, recover urgently needed supplies for the UEEN, and blow up some enemy capital ships (and each other).

Our next step is to both evaluate your feedback and review how we felt things went internally, which we’ll share via a Postmortem Comm-Link in the coming weeks. This will include details on what we thought went well, what didn’t, and what’s next.

We know many of you are bummed that the first Dynamic Event is already over, but rest assured, this was the first of many to come, and they’re only going to get better every time. With this in mind, I have only one thing left to say towards XenoThreat: watch out because we’ll surely meet again!

Missiles weren’t the only thing in the air as we celebrated love during Coramor! We had the great pleasure to announce the winners of this year’s Coramor Card Contest and I hope all the lovingly designed cards put a smile on your face. Take a look over on Spectrum.

Last week, we also kicked off the Lunar New Year celebration, and we welcome 2021, the Year of the Ox, while celebrating the Year of the Ram in-game at the Red Festival 2951, including stylish red paints and last-chance offers! Of course, we’ve hidden special red envelopes around Stanton’s major hubs to wish you all good fortune and success.”

So although the current XenoThreat Event is over there is a Free Fly that’s going on until the 25th of February, go to the FreeFly Page and input the code after making a SC account to get involved.

Beyond that and the Red Festival Sale / Envelopes you can find at Landing Zones the week is pretty basic:

There is a 3.12 Post Mortem already out going over lessions learned from that latest patch cycle.

Today on Tuesday, there is a new lore post ‘StarWatch’ reveals the most scandalous celebrity gossip from the recent Red Festival celebrations around the UEE.

On Thursday there is another episode of Inside Star Citizen. We don’t have details on exactly what’s being shown yet BUT I would expect something XenoThreaty

On Friday, RSI Subscribers get an update to the Vault (so new cool images) There is also a new RSI Newsletter.

There is a Star Citizen Live Round Table about Landing Zones and anything in them. They are seeking questions… you can watch live on the SC Twitch Channel at 4pm UTC.

Boom, that’s it for this week… Check Back as we update the post with the latest videos and information as they come out!