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This Week In Star Citizen – End Of February 2021

It’s time to look at this week in star citizen for the end of February 2021.

“Today marks the eighth day of our February Free Fly, which means everyone still has three more days to jump into the cockpit of one of our six fabulous Free Fly ships and explore the stars in style. With the influx of cadets taking their first steps in the ‘verse, we’re encouraging citizens everywhere to help each other up their games. Whether you need help taking your first steps, want to finesse your flying, or want to share your mining expertise, our Guide System offers something for everyone.

Last week on Inside Star Citizen, we caught the first glimpse of Orison’s Commercial Platforms. This episode is the first in a series of segments we’ll publish over the next few months where we’ll discover one of Stanton’s most picturesque locations together. Check out the full video on Youtube here!

And as the Red Festival 2951 continues, you’re still able to gather the hidden red envelopes across the landing zones of Stanton, turn them in for some extra bucks, and start the new year prosperously!

As many of you noticed, we’ve passed the 3 million citizen mark this weekend. We are humbled and happy to see the Star Citizen community grow further, and we’re working on a goodie to surprise those of you that were part of the first 3 million citizens later down the line.”

That’s great to hear, I like free stuff! Typically they give a piece of flair or clothing something like that.

Tuesday, the Narrative Team are releasing a new entry for Galactapedia.

Wednesday, these will be an update to the Roadmap along with a Roadmap Roundup, as these are done every 2 weeks now, you can expect some more meat to it… also it’s getting close to the cutoff for 3.13 Features so we could see some added and some slip on the Release View.

Thursday we have Inside Star Citizen this time with an Actor Feature update followed by a sprint report… Sprint Reports are the best and go over a huge range of things CI are working on.
Thursday is the Last Day of Free Fly AND of the Red Festival… there are ship sales associated with both of these basically culminating in red ships, various starter packages along with the Hercules Series C2, M2 & A2 all being on sale. So if you want to grab these with real monies you’ll have to do it by Thursday… But you will be able to get it all in game in the future too.

Friday there is a Calling All Devs talking about the future of inventories, this is a video rather than SCL… no SCL this week! CI are working on Physical Inventories for Alpha 3.14 the Q2 Patch with major improvements to storage also coming in Alpha 3.16 the Q4 Patch. Physical Inventories will really mix up the games economy BUT more the choice of items and gear you bring with you will really matter!

There will also be a Subscriber Vault Update and the February issue of Jump Point along with the normal weekly Newsletter.

Something else I saw was the Redeemer had an updated Entry in the Galactopedia

“The Redeemer is a gunship developed by Aegis Dynamics for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). An armored spacecraft equipped with turrets and missiles, it is commonly used by planetary security forces. The Redeemer has also been used in extensive operations against the Vanduul. Surplus models are sold in the civilian market.”

I think this implies it might be used in Squadron 42? QUESTION MARK?

The Redeemer was reconcepted since it’s original hangar implementation many moons ago and is now a mightier gunship and it’s planned to by Flyable with the Q3 Alpha 3.15 Patch.

Expect it to be available to buy during Fleet week later this year as well. The ship last went on sale for $250… but we don’t know how that will have changed with CI’s new pricings it could be anywhere up to $400 potentially when it next goes on sale

Boom! That’s it for what’s coming this week. Tune in to my channel every day to see more! I’ll be streaming on Mondays and Fridays starting at around 3pm UTC as well so come say hi when I do.