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Ship Naming is Incoming

Ship Naming is Incoming in Star Citizen and IT’S A BIG DEAL for some Ship Lovers… Let’s take a look at how and when you’ll be able to name your ship. Cloud Imperium have a post covering here that I will summarize and compress.

As announced in the recent Roadmap update, we’re introducing ship naming and serial numbers in the upcoming Alpha 3.13 patch. With this feature, select ships can display a player-assigned name and the unique serial number they were assigned at purchase on their hulls.

This is the first iteration of the feature and starts with the following five ships:

  • Aegis Hammerhead
  • Aegis Reclaimer
  • Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner
  • Origin 600i
  • Origin 890 Jump

Original concept owners of the 600i can already name their ships… or can name their ship now.

The names will be unique per hull. For example, there can be several ships named “Shooting Star” but only one 600i, Reclaimer, or 890 Jump with the name.

We have filters in place to catch inappropriate names and reserve the right to rename a ship should someone circumvent our filters or use a name we consider inappropriate that’s not automatically flagged.

The feature implementation for those ships will start based on the date the pledge was acquired. On March 1 at 6pm UTC, we’ll open up naming for concept pledges and golden ticket holders before inviting the next waves the following Mondays (March 8 for Concierge and then early pledgers, March 15 opening up to early pledgers, March 22 for 2020 & 2021 pledges). These seven-day cycles honor early backers and give the new naming system a chance to cool down between waves. If you’re a proud pilot of one of these models, have a look at the wave overviews below to find out when you can name your ship. For ships that have been melted and reclaimed, the buyback date is used to determine wave access OR the date they were upgraded.

The naming itself is done via the Hangar on the website. Names can be changed at any time, but your ship can only hold one name at a time. The name will stay on the ship even if you trade it away, but it will be lost if the ship is upgraded or reclaimed and immediately readded to the name pool.

This is the first iteration of ship naming, and while you can change the name as often as you like for now, it’s important to note that this is only temporary. Also, keep in mind that once you change the name, the old name is released and available for others! We are currently reviewing various options to limit the ability to change ship names infinitely, such as a cooldown and/or a small fee (similar to how handle changes work currently), as naming your ship is intended to be a meaningful and lasting decision.

I’ve covered the Ship Naming FAQ Previously but very briefly:

There is a limit of 32 characters for a given ship name that must consist of letters, numbers, spaces, and dashes in any combination OTHER than dashes and spaces consecutively in the name AND you cant have any outside of the name.

Names must comply with the RSI code of conduct, so no slurs, swear words, no names of CIG employees, You can report offending ship names to the Player Relations team in a support ticket.

Ships purchased in game cannot currently be named… only pledge ships. In the future you will be able to name ships in game whether you’ve bought them for in game or with real money… just not for this role out.

All future straight to flight ready ships will come packaged with the ability to name them.

Ships that are inactive will still keep their names.

If you gift the ship to another player the name will follow the package.

So BOOM, ships names BUT just for the Hammerhead, Reclaimer, Mercury Star Runner, 600i and 890 Jump