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Star Citizen – Preview of 3.13 Features & Future Locations!

Star Citizen with a bit of a Location and Feature update for the game with a details on new locations across that Stanton System for 3.13 and beyond as well as a trio of features that have been getting a lot of attention for that end of March Patch!

They have been working on the Javelin Derelict POI and the new Montreal Turbulent Headed Studio has been used as a test bed for lots of things. It’s very lived in… It was more of a warm up task for them but they will be exploring it more later this year.

Planetary Tech Polish continues, Lyria has been getting some of that focus with material and asset improvements.

Corals have returned to the ocean of Hurston. Shells, Starfish, barnacles and sea like things will help flesh out coastlines and beaches.

Further out we can take a look at some whiteboxing of the Colonial Outpost / Homestead Locations. The focus is still on a small home that gives a small community all they need to live in a location and be self sufficient. They showed Batteries, solar panels, life support and a Garage.

Placement of structures like this will be able to make use of the terrain modding tools to sit and conform to the terrain appropriately too.

They’ve fleshout out more of the internal spaces and the connections between sections of the outposts.

They have also been planning out hab areas here for players to decorate and store items.

Pre-prodcution has began on material explorations for how the structures will look going from foundation to concrete walls to more painted areas.

2 New Hospital have started whitebox blockout. These a New Babbage Hospital Below the Aspire Grand Hab. There is a Pharmacy area to buy medical gear and an amulence drop off point too.

Orisons Hospital is also in progress, it wont be ready for the 1st release of Orion but will be added later this year.

Ship to Station Docking is getting closer to release. It’s got through it’s go-no phase so should be in 3.13 and has moved into final art that will add finer detail, signage and polish.

They were having some difficulties with the connection animations but everything is going well now it seems.

They’ve built out a new harvestable for 3.13 as well degness root… like a potato tomato its got some good medical properties apparently… I just like looting things.

There are 3 Features that have seen some focus recently for 3.13 that also are all not only coming to the PU soon but also being added to Squadron 42 and Theatres of War.

They are working on Mounted guns for Alpha 3.13 and beyond.

This is different from the mounted turrets in the Valkyrie which currently use the ship turret system.

This is my physically accurate with a much better player experience.

The guns have weight and feel heavy to move.

You can aim down sights with them too giving you a finer control.

This first iteration will be with a gatling gun and will be already deployed in various locations.

In the future it will be a wider range of weapons.

Staggers are more updates to the Force Reactions. It’s a temporary loss or partial loss of control when you are hit with a large impact or your ship takes an impact as you are running around… but the impact isn’t enough to knock you down.

They have built out a Cargo Trolley… and it’s a vehicle of sorts. Push and Pull is Part of 3.13 and will allow you to push and pull things like this new trolley which you will be able to place cargo or… players on… These have a load of detail and are physically accurate apparently.

In the future NPCs will use these to push cargo around, it can be used for puzzles and there will be other helpful objects that use this tech too.
BOOM! That’s it for today and what was basically a summary of Inside Star Citizen.