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Star Citizen Prepares For Alpha 3.13

Star Citizen with a Summary of the weeks news and informations that CI has thrown at us from changes to the 3.13 patch, the new trolley feature, physical inventory and more!

Let’s start with the blurb from the news letter… From Unclaimed Systems to Untold Tales: New Galactapedia Entries

The ‘verse is a vast and vivid place, full of different creatures and cultures. You never know exactly what you might encounter. To help you prepare for all possibilities, the Galactapedia catalogs hundreds of the most important people, places, and events in the ‘verse, and the latest round of additions have arrived! Eventually the Galactapedia will be accessible in game as well as on the RSI Website and there is a lot of lore there so check out the updates to it every so often…

Also me…BoredGamer well zin my editor is starting a new series covering the Galactapedia and some of the more useful lore posts… you should see these starting next week on the channel!

The Sneak Peek this week is of the Voyager Bar or Sky Bar on Orison.

Both the Red Festival & The Free Fly Event as well as their associated Sales have Ended… but worry not their will be another sale for when 3.13 goes live around the end of March and Fleet Week a big old sale and Free Fly will be with us at the end of May.

The Roadmap Update had only minor disappointment as it showed that missile updates and the elusive surrender feature have been pushed to 3.14 HOWEVER there was the addition to 3.13 of Mining Sub-Components for your lasers, updates to shields making use of all the new tech and a player facing Reputation App on the mobiGlas so you can keep track of who loves you and how doesn’t as well as your perks with any give mission giver or faction.

Inside Star Citizen had a smorgasbord of features that were shown off.

Mounted Guns will be seen in the verse in 3.13 and used to defend structures. 

Staggers were shown, these are hits that aren’t enough to knock you over but will cause you to move and lose some control.

The push pull system will make use of trolleys allowing you to load them up and push them around… it’s actually technically a ground vehicle. I am trying to work out how we get them? Do we buy them and put them in ships? Spawn them? Or are they just laying around?

It showed off work that the new Turbulent Studio that’s working on gameplay had done as a warm up task, evolving the Javelin Wreck on Daymar into something more awesome.

Planetary Updates with Coral and Seaside bits, Further work on the Colonial Homestead Outposts, we saw work on Hospitals at microTech and Orison. There was more work getting Ship to Station Docking in AND there is a new Harvestable.

Calling All Devs was focused on Physical inventory which is getting more features throughout 2021. Start with Local Inventories in Ships and Landing Zones that will hold out items and gear as well as external inventories with containers / storage boxes, ships, looting backpacks AND then expanding out to physicalizing these appropriately and more storage containers types with lockers etc…

Lastly for RSI Subscribers the latest Jump Point Magazine is out, it looks at the Nomad, Racing Vehicles, the M50, a look at CCs Conversions in the form of the odder helmets in game AND we should see some new flair in March for subs, that being a Green / Orange Skin for the Electron Sniper and Pistol… some people love this color scheme, others HATE IT!

And that’s it for this week! We could possibly see 3.13 go to evocati next week… not that I can cover that much until 1st wave PTU.