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Star Citizen March Channel Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen March & Channel Update what’s going on during the month, what new content are we going to be seeing, what have we go to look forward to.

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Alpha 3.13 Incoming…

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is planned to go live by the end of the Month.

Evocati Test Flight is likely going to start this week and we should have 1st wave PTU around the middle of the Month.

We won’t be covering the Evo Phase… as we cant… as I am an evocati and NDA’d for the specifics of the patch and it’s patch notes. 1st Wave PTU and Beyond we will tho.

We will take a look at the new features individually

Patch Notes

General Gameplay

Look at the State of the Game

I want to get some community events on the go again… XenoThreat was too short for me to actually do more than 1 event for…

We’ll look at new locations and ships / vehicles.

We may have a new as yet unannounced ship here too.

There are some big expectations that this patch should put Star Citizen in a very good place when it comes to accessibility, stability and playability… We will have to wait and see.

We should see a Sale and maybe even an event with the Launch of the Patch.

We’ve heard about the Nine Tails Lockdown BUT don’t know when it’s actually planned for.

But the joy of messing around with the new Trolleys with Push and Pull, ship to Station Docking, The Tank, Reputation Updates, Ship Naming, Sub Components, Spawn Lockers and Planetary Improvement has me hyped!

We’ll be doing an occasional Podcast of our hottakes on Star Citizen drama, features, changes and the like. And probably be looking at Ship Naming Next as there is some drama around this and we don’t know how the future of the mechanic will work fully yet.

Ship naming is a big thing that’s happening now as well… with people being able to start naming their ships today March 1st, (if they bought the ship during it’s original concept) it’s a wave based thing each week giving more players the ability to name their ships based on when they pledged for or upgraded them BUT you’ll see these names on your hull… for the 6 ships that are part of the first roll out… the Carrack, 600i, 890 Jump, Hammerhead, Reclaimer AND Mercury Star Runner. This will all be active when 3.13 goes live.

Will popular names devolve into ‘lite speak OR have mk1 or mark 2 after them? Will they be sold on the GreyMarket?

We’ll be covering all the basics too, Inside Star Citizen, Star Citizen Live and any AMAs or Calling All Devs that Cloud Imperium Release… we’ll be on it to make a summary.

Expect to see more 3.13 based features and teasers in the days leading up to it’s release.

Towards the end of the month we will see ISC take a break for 3 weeks… so April will be without that show for most of the month anyway.

We’ll see the Monthly Report for both the PU and Squadron 42 in the next week or so. 

This is one of the main ways we actually get development information ESPECIALLY about SQ42 as it’s one of the few ways that SQ actually shares info.

My Editor zin is starting a new Lore / Galatapedia Shorts Series on the Channel which I am hoping to have weekly… it should be short snappy information and lore that’s applicable to the Game and useful to know even if you aren’t really into lore…

We have some big Dev Response Videos lined up too.

If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see on the channel or feedback you can poke me on OR drop us an email

Other Things

Me & zin’s Birthdays are at the end of March… so we might be doing a special live stream and there might also be disruption to the channel for the day as we both have a cheeky day off. 

Mental Health wise, I am doing pretty well, get randomly depressed and anxious… but it’s very manageable. We are looking like we are getting out of Lockdown over the next few months which is fantastic.

I am a little anxious about my health. I have had a pain in my lower right abdomen for the last few months which I had assumed to be IBS or Stress… so I’m going to actually get that checked out by a doctor, now that it seems more viable to do so.

Someone suggested that we have a CryptoMining Pool for buying ships for giveaways. I need to look into the viability and safety of doing that before rallying people to do it… it might be mega dumb… but could be smart…

Thank you…

Channel Members, Patreons & Donators are the reason we are able to make daily content and we plan to make more!

We have been terrible at making exclusive content… mainly because we have been focused on making content for everyone, you will start to see more exclusives for VIPs that go the extra mile to supporting the channel BUT know that your monies are going into making content for everyone THANK YOU LOADS!

You’ll see at the end of each of my videos a thank you to some of you! I salute you!